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Here is a demonstration/exercise i did of how i like to extend chords through use of pentatonic scales. 

I am available for on line lessons and have a load of free videos on my website and you tube channel. 




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    • By iamtheelvy
      Exercise book - Scales from Rhythm and Outer Space... aka Tetra Cocktails by Felix Pastorius. Brand new and unused (unfortunate duplicated Christmas present!).
      £25 (or best offer) delivered, or trade for ‘Just ASIP of Coffee & The Chromatic Scale’.

    • By The Counsellor
      1:1 in person lessons in Munster/Co Cork, Ireland AND/OR
      ONLINE lessons via Skype, Zoom or Doozzoo available
      Tailored, personalised and goal driven lessons for bass, music theory and more Preparation for admission/application exams for colleges FRAMEWORK:  fingerboard visualisation diatonic harmony and ear training groove / time / feel playing techniques all genres, styles and according repertoire composition and arranging songwriting gear talk (amps / cabinets / basses / effects / strings / settings and more) ABOUT ME
      bassist since 1987, several (10+) full European tours, guitar/bass tech for international touring bands, stage/backline manager for in- and outdoor festivals, 25+ released studio recordings with different bands and styles studied music theory and bass in Germany, Switzerland and at Berklee College Of Music, Boston several different certificates of advanced studies in coaching and counselling from Zürich (Switzerland) University Of Applied Sciences (Institute of Applied Psychology) More info: http://www.gingerbass.com
    • By Hellzero
      Due to the Covid-19 situation and severe back problems (66% officially disabled because of it) plus right shoulder injury (non-operable capsulitis from which, after more than 3 years, I will never fully recover), I'm selling all my basses over 4 kilos and also the ones I'm not really using. I've also considerably lowered the price for a quick sale.
      MARUSZCZYK Elwood 4 Fretless in almost new condition, 2010 !!!
      NO TRADES !
      Asking price including shipping fully insured with tracking number to your place in these European countries (ask for other countries) : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (excluding French overseas departments and territories), Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom : £549 GBP !!! (new price is €1200 Euros !!!)
      In fully working condition, fully original (except for the crap Maruszczyk SC4 pickups changed for ToneRider TRJ1) and in almost new condition.
      Here are the specifications :
      Body : one piece swamp ash
      Neck : one piece very slightly flamed maple
      Fingerboard : ebony
      Positions : 21 (lined)
      Headstock : angled
      Pickups : 2 brand new ToneRider TRJ1 in 60's position
      Controls : volume, volume, tone
      Tuners : no name Maruszczyk 4 in line
      Bridge : no name Maruszczyk
      Strings spacing at bridge : 19 mm
      Nut : black polymer
      Strings spacing at nut : 11 mm
      Knobs : original metal dome
      Scale : 34 inches
      Hardware colour : chrome
      Truss rod : one fully working
      Finish : 3 Tone Sunburst open grain matte
      Land of craftsmanship : Poland
      Serial number : 100208
      Year : 2010
      Weight : 4.255 kilos
      Action : from 1.5 mm under the G string to 2 mm under the E string at 12th position (can go lower, but was perfect for me)
      Will be sent in a form fitted polystyrene Eko parcel as I have no bag or case for this bass (no worries as it's like having a soft case wrapping the bass) and will comme with a spare hardly used flat wounds strings set (as seen on the last photo, looks like Rotosound).
      Non-smoking environment as usual.
      The bass has been fully set up professionally. It has been fitted with a brand new set of Fodera Medium Nickel Round Wound strings (45 - 65 - 85 - 105).
      This bass has almost never been played and is almost as new. The ToneRider TRJ1 pickups are terrific sounding vintage pickups.
      Link to the Maruszczyk Elwood C page : Elwood C | Public Peace (public-peace.de)
      What you see is what you get !
      Look at the photos taken under different angles to see the fantastic almost new condition for a 10 years old bass ! All the photos are here : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1otKa943bvinPUtL33_VWxAIWU4EnDlta?usp=sharing
      Don't hesitate to ask for more.
    • By N64Lover
      Hey guys, I thought i'd share my new video with you all here. It's a mash-up of Dean Town and Teen Town (I think we've all heard of those tracks!), it's been done before but this time it's a bit different. I am using my Mayones Jabba 5 string that I bought used on here, I cannot remember who I got it from though...
      Hope you enjoy and that the video doesn't give you a 90s flashback migraine.
    • By Darren 1
      Please visit my Youtube channel for more and checkout https://www.darrengloverbassandguitarlessons.com for sheet music and lesson enquires. Thank you.
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