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Metronomes and practice time.


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I usually practice about 1 1/2 everyday. I divide that up into two 40 min "sessions" where I work on scales and finger speed, respectively. Then I use the last 10 min to work on slap.

I'm using a rather simple metronome and am at 40bpm and am trying to hit it dead-on everytime. With both my scales & finger speed. I want to master 40bpm then move up to 45bpm. I do tend to miss it alot is there anything I can do to be more percise or do I just need to keep at it?

I was going to work on 40bpm for another 2 weeks before trying to move up to 45. Is that too long of a time to wait?

Does anyone have a better/more effective practice routine or is what I do ok?


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No your practice seems fine to me, organised I might add :). As for speed in general sticking at a lower tempo is a lot better than trying to rush and play something that sounds messy and unclean. As for playing at 40bpm yes thats very good, after a period of playing at that tempo you will become relaxed and moving up will be a doodle. Keep at it! I hope I've answered your questions alright?


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