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Ampeg PF 500
Bournemouth, Dorset

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Definitely that great Ampeg sound in a light package. A pro-level Class D amp pushing 500 watts into 4 ohms. I’ve owned this fantastic amp for over 4 years and it has never let me down. For clarity, this is the US version with a 240v selector, it works exactly as it should over here! In good condition with a couple of very light scuffs on the lid if that’s important! Happy to deliver within sensible radius of BH1 and to conduct our business through the letterbox ...






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    • By Grewster
      So here’s my trusty PF500 which I’m offering in a sturdy soft flightcase. Easy to transport with loads of space inside and in the zippered pocket for cables, pedals, etc. The zipper tags have been lost along the way, but they work just fine with the tags I’ve attached. The amp itself is in great condition, plenty of Ampeg tone and has never let me down. I also have the original Ampeg box if required. Happy to deliver locally (Bournemouth, leave it at the doorstep) or to send by courier at cost. Paypal only please, thanks.

    • By CalDeep
      NOW £125 SHIPPED 

      Hey cool cats and kittens. 

      Up is my recently serviced Sansamp Programmable Bass Driver DI. 3 Programmable channels of the very best Sansamp-y ness. Perfect for being stuck at home recording and as a live tool when gigs happen again. Runs on 9V, Battery or Phantom Power for ease. It sounds like a Sansamp Overall condition is quite good, and as I say recently serviced so sounding and behaving like new. 

      Price includes UK postage.
    • By bouvier
      Sometimes when trying to explain why there is a need for another bass, guitar, pedal or amp becomes difficult, you have to think of novel ideas.   Anyone got any......  I have a hankering for Thunderbird, Firebird, Esquire and the odd pedal.

    • By Born 2B Mild
      Only tested at home. 
      Great on fretless bass and lush on guitar.  However, I've got duplication and am after an Acoustic Simulator stomp, so this has to fund it.

    • By CalDeep
      Hey Guys! 

      GAS Has set in. I do a lot of remote recording and this has me so intrigued. Ive got a DWJ 50W SVT clone that is great but Ive got to crank it so much and mic it etc, and now Im in quarantine I'm loving the idea of one of these on the desk top! Who's got one and how are you getting on? 

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