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NOAD - New Old Amp Day

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About 13-14 years ago I bought a new Clarus S2 amp And it served me well. But seven years ago I sold it to a fellow bass player and then embarked on a round of Genzler and  Tecamp stuff with all sorts of outboards. I also recently tried a brand new Clarus S4 but didn’t like the metallic mid clang from the pickup.

But a few weeks ago my friend suffered serious ill health to the extent that he must end his bass playing career and sold the S2 back to me.

The two amps differ in that the S2 has only a three way eq in contrast to the S4’s four but the clang isn’t there in the S2 and it’s got a robust and controllable tone without any outboard. It’s got its own inboard HPF. I think that with the other stuff I had been using I was slipping into a mediocre sound without realising it. No more gigs until after Christmas but I’m very much looking forward to gigging my Clarus again.

Here is a pic of the amp with the detritus from last nights gig.






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