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Tech 21 - SH-1

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Never reviewed anything before so bear with.

Over the years I've had several of Tech 21's gear, BDDI Deluxe, VT Deluxe, Programmable BDDI, Bass Fly Rig, DuP Fly rig, BDDI v2.

A Sansamp pedal has always been on my board in one form or another.

I've always wanted a fly rig with a tuner and another channel of use able grit, so when this was announced I had to get it asap.

Build wise, as you would expect from Sansamp, roughly the same size as the DuP, although it's been a while since i had one, I think this may be slightly taller. Tough metal housing and decent nobs.

Sound wise, well i am using this to replace a BDDI v2, it took a grand total of 2 minutes tweaking to replicate "my sound". Bass is good plenty of +/-, the mids are fantastic, the treble on the other hand, i didn't find did much unless the "bite" button was engaged, I didn't see this as an issue, think of it as the presence nob on other variations. Gain goes from nice and clean to breaking up much like the BDDI, This is where i found the 2nd channel handy, utilises the same EQ but you have a second gain and volume for this, you can crank the gain to break up and then fine tune the unity volume to match or just have it slightly boosted over the 1st channel.

I haven't messed around with any of the suggested settings, not really fussed about that 🙂

All in all if you want an amazing sounding pre amp, with a Tuner / DI / Speaker sim as well as a 2nd channel for boosting or breaking up then this is ideal.

Used this at a gig Saturday night, got a great sound dialled in and felt i "cut through" better than prior with the Bddi V2, although i could just have "new pedal sounds awesome syndrome"

Could anything be made better? well that's down to personal preference, I'd probably say have a 2nd EQ for the 2nd channel, but absolutely nothing wrong with how it is now!

Pedal board from Saturday, loads of room now!







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