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Rotosound long scale nickelwounds not long enough


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I bought a set of Rotosound Nickelwounds RS66LDN long scale standard guage.

Fitting them to my USA Fender Jazz through body and to my surprise found the E string was too short. The tape around the machine head end was over the nut!

I got them from Amazon so i got a refund and immediately ordered another set. But the new set was exactly the same! 


I emailed Rotosound as yet go no reply.

Anyone else had thd same experience?


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I have D'addario XLs (I think) on my peavey grind 6, 35" scale, bridge strung through (for design reasons for now).... and these do not work either.  B string is too short.


What I've done for now is put a tiny piece of plastic under string in the nut... like from a plastic package (the hard clear plastic they put cheap headphones, batteries, etc in)... cut so it's a few mm by a couple mm, under string in nut area.   tuning it up it pulls with string so have to place it carefully before tuning up so it will move into place, and it bends into shape under tension.


works great, but certainly not ideal.


I have been told that I need to get extra long scale?  something like that....


let me know what you find out!

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