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Steinberger spirit 25 bridge tuners stiff !!!!


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I have just bough a really old and bashed Hohner headless. I'm doing some work to make it better and have the same issue with the tuners.

I found an item on the net where someone fitted some silicone washers on the tuner screws.


I bought a set of these:

https://www.modmaker.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=Silicone Washer Seals 10mm OD x 3mm ID (Pack Of 10)

I haven't fitted them yet but will let you know if they improve things.





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Its unlikely to improve with use. I've had a number of headless Spirits and the tuners have all been stiff. The advice in the previous post is the way forward. If you unscrew the tuner you will probably already find a black washer but I think this is too thin to be of any help. Use a sparing amount of silicone grease on the washer and the threaded section as well.

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