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  1. Bongos........ I always see peppa pig in the headstock and a toilet seat for the body.
  2. It's a Aria RS-800. As per Wayne Hussey - Sisters of Mercy era.. A few bits of lacquer failing but nothing disappointing for a early 1980s instrument..
  3. Right.. I have it in my possession... I'm just of to take a photo.. But.. It is not a bass.. And as promised it is niche.. I am prepared for this thread to go really quiet..... 😜
  4. Right.... I have taken a punt on something. I will let you know if it comes off. Its a bit niche though...
  5. There is a chap selling a Peavey patriot near me for £200 but the logo has been removed from the headstock.. This upsets me..
  6. I have £500 cash burning hole in my pocket. If I stick it in by bank account it will just be absorbed by bills and mundane stuff. Thus, I would like to invest this in a "future classic" preferably from early 1980s. I play on an 1980,'s tribute band so it would still be used from time to time, venue permitting. I think Matsumoku would be a way to go.. Any advice or thoughts will be kindly received..
  7. I now have a super 12..hopefully I will be able to use it at war volume soon.
  8. Ryan's Super 12 arrived today. Looks like a nice piece of kit. Trouble free transaction throughout. looking forward to giving it a blast..
  9. Right sorted now... Thanks very much....
  10. Actually , one last question... Then I will clear off. I can obtain a preowned gen2 super 12 from here for about £600. But for £350 more notes I can order a brand new gen3 super twin with those new fangled drivers. Is it worth the extra cash?
  11. Ta.. That's sorted me thanks again..
  12. Last daft question. Is a gen2 super 12 "louder" than a gen3 super compact.?
  13. Just a quick query.. I have read all the blurb, but does the super compact really have the output to cope with large pub / club type gigs? It will be paired with 500w at 4ohm amp. Five piece band with a loud drummer. We do have PA support but I prefer to run solo as much a possible
  14. I have the 5 string version of this. I flippin love it. Everything about them is quality, nothing on them appears to be built to a price point. They are just good solid passive instruments. I have tried to think about how they could be improved and I just can't.. I have replaced the knobs on mine for some nickel ones, and the pickup selector knob has been replaced with a chrome one and that's it. Bargain price this too.
  15. I have a shiny black bass with a poly finish. It has a small dent in the finish, almost like the edge of a coin has been pressed into it. Is there such as a thing as a filler for things like this.. I imagine something like a black wax crayon would do the trick if I work it in the dent then buff it up. But is there a more suitable product?
  16. Now sale only. Cos I bought Quents BB1025x 😀😀😀 Which is top banana.. 🍌🍌🍌
  17. I bought Quents Yammy BB1025x.. Excellent transaction. Plus I have found all the governments missing PPE. It was used to wrap the bass in. Cheers Quent.
  18. Quent... Your BB1025x is exactly what I need, right down to the colour... If, I can convince the wife to let me buy it before the TBird sells you will be the first to know. Take care.
  19. Epiphone T - Bird Pro 5 string. These are neck heavy and need a nice thick strap to stop them diving. But, this is a nice example. There is one small ding on the edge as seen in the third photo. About 4.6 kgs.. In weight. Bass is active, full info available on the Web, now becoming increasingly hard to find in the 5 string configuration. Case not included, I need it for my other Thunderbird.. May trade for loud class D Amp. Gibson SG with cash your way.. Multi effects pedal....? Feel free to ask questions..
  20. Traded an EBS preamp for a gorgeous Glock one. Seamless transaction. Thanks Tony... Great coms, rapid service, and bomb proof packaging. A+…..
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