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Bass player wanted for sixties influenced band in South London - July 6th

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Bassist sought as I am going to play rguitar. Only one gig in the diary at the moment July 6th on Streatham Common but looking to finish recording soon and put something out. We have demos and I am currently out of work so have plenty of time to run the songs with whoever. Band age is 27/37 but we are open to anyone cool.

Influences, Kinks, Beatles, Stones, Nuggets, Coral, Cardigans, Dylan, Radiohead, CBGB, Amy Mann, Marvin Gaye, Velvet Underground.


Can't promise money or even that you'll get more meow meow than Frank Sinatra, those days are gone!

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I'm 59 (yes I know) just learning and well, pretty amateur. But I love all those bands, well maybe not Radiohead so much. I'm 25 inside and I go see new indy bands a lot as well as those still going from my generation. I can bash out a few Cure songs,

I couldn't do July 6 even if was good enough (although I do live by the common) but if you need anyone to have a go with I'm happy to give it a try. I'm a freelance writer so my time's pretty flexible

I think I'm reasonably cool, altho not right now as I am stuck in France and it's going to be 40C + today they say!


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