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  1. Just a catch up. I am still using the Jedson. With the two on or off pickups I have 3 tone options as well as the tone master pot. I dunno, I like the sounds it makes now it has new roundwounds on it. The E is a bit lacking in sustain but I am sure that's to do with an adjustment I don't know to to make. I bought a stingray copy too, but it is physically impossible for me to get the fretting with my left hand. The Jedson has a lot of character and cuts through even on 15W. I can only imagine how it will sound when I play Wembley through a giant PA 🙂 N PS I want to try and sell the Stingray copy and get a Gretsch Junior Jet
  2. Me again, Ive been away I have to say I like the Jedson's various sounds. It seems very loud to me and playing with the pickup selection gives a range of tones. The tone pot seems mostly bring up a hum (cured if you touch the strings) and more volume Ive been mucking about playing everything from Cure to U2, Dr Feelgood to Elvis Costello and I now know I like the shortscale fpr playability. I'd need to play with a guitarist and drummer to discover whether the Jedson's sound is actually okay or just my bias! N
  3. I suppose 30 quid was quite a lot then really! N
  4. I see there's been a Jedson thread here before but all the pictures have gone, sadly. So anyone with any insights would be welcome I'm just a beginner bass player at 59, someone loaned me a Pbass copy which isn't at all bad, but I felt I would do better with a shortscale thanks to my tiny Trump hands So rather than blow money finding out, I got hold of a ratty old Jedson for £80 to try. I had to work all over it to remove decades of rust and filth and screws that had to be drilled out and also work out why one pick up wasn't working. It all works now, I would say it's tone is a little variable, rarely does playing a note sound the same as the last time. The E string seems rather 'splatty'. But it does have a rather good tone most of the time, aggressive and harsh or reasonably mellow. Sometimes it sounds like Chris Squire playing inside a metal dustbin. Which is not entirely a bad thing! The strings are original, short scale strings seem expensive. Would anyone recommend a brand and would flatwounds be a good idea? The Marshall amp, also loaned, is totally shagged, the cone I think is bust and the knobs do very little!. So that's not helping matters. Thx Nick
  5. Pete, do you have an idea how to wire the pickup switches? I find one of my wires has dropped off and I am not sure where it goes looking at the solder remains it seems it may be it went to the screw end Yellow and there was a bridge across to screw end Red ( I found what may have been that bridge inside the body). See photo Id be really grateful for any advice Thx Niuck
  6. I'm 59 (yes I know) just learning and well, pretty amateur. But I love all those bands, well maybe not Radiohead so much. I'm 25 inside and I go see new indy bands a lot as well as those still going from my generation. I can bash out a few Cure songs, I couldn't do July 6 even if was good enough (although I do live by the common) but if you need anyone to have a go with I'm happy to give it a try. I'm a freelance writer so my time's pretty flexible I think I'm reasonably cool, altho not right now as I am stuck in France and it's going to be 40C + today they say!
  7. That's a shame as I would really like to have seen them. Oh well, I haven't picked up the Jedson yet, it was £84, but I can see the chrome is rough and that's just for starters I expect. But then I have a 1966 car and the chrome's rough on that! So a bottle of cleanser/restorer might be a good purchase. I don't expect much, my main reasons for buying is that I wanted to try out a shortscale (as much for left hand handling as anything else). plus I do love the look of these things! I'm a sucker for looks over quality
  8. just bought one of these for peanuts and you're adventure is most interesting BUT I cannot see any of the pics?
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