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SOLD: Strymon El Capistan

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With great reluctance, I'm selling my Strymon El Capistan. Still the best standalone tape delay sim available IMO, but needs must and I have a DD500 that gets me mostly there. Single moving/fixed or multi (3) head engines allow recreation of Echoplex and Space Echo delays. Over bias for a high-pass Echorec type delay. +/- 3dB adjustment on the repeats. Analog dry-through (true bypass or buffered if you want trails - and honestly I can't tell the difference sonically). Dual function controls offer adjustment of low end contour, bias and tape crinkle, independent of wow and flutter and tape age. Even the new Volante doesn't do that!  Sound on sound mode allows endless overdubbing as the original recording decays. Brilliant for soundscapes.  Mono in / Stereo out and expression control of any of the primary parameters. Original PSU included. Has velcro on the base. Includes UK postage.  Consider trade for IE Subterania or FMeron or other similar (if such a thing exists), basically interesting high quality filtery / synth pedals.  NOW SOLD


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