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Warwicks 'tube' amps

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Had a long interest in the warwick tube amps - obviously they aren't technically all valve but im looking at the likes of the Tubepath and the Pro Tube.  I did get a lemon of a Tubepath on ebay that put me off but im still interested in getting a full working one to try out.  For some reason, and in my head only, I envisage them having a sound similar to a mesa BB 750, this is based purely on the little playing time I had with my bust one.

Does anyone use either the Tubepath 5.1 or the Pro Tube IV regularly and can comment on their core tone?  Im after a lively, gritty, driven, valvey type sound when using my flats loaded P and j basses through my ampeg 4x10he

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I had an extreme 10.1 ..it did sound awsome ..2 channel options had everything eq wise ..but unbelievable weight !..weighed more than my cabs. ..richtone have one ..collection only advertised on ebay .  

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