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*SOLD* Fender Custom Shop Jazz Bass *SOLD*
Herning, Denmark.

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Feeler as im not really sure about letting this go... Its by far one of the best fretless basses I have played and lucky enough to have owned.. (and I have owned a few over the years 😅)  I am the second owner - the first and original owner ordered this as a special order "Jaco tribute". But with the "twist": an awesome Coral Pink color with "Closet Classic" relic job as he didnt like the concept of making basses looking "fake" old. So, its basically a Jaco Tribute with a super cool funky color! 

Epoxy coated rosewood board, quatersawn maple neck.. Feels out of this world good! 
Select alder body
Custom wound pickups 
Case and all case candy present

The instrument has been very well taken care of! The finish, in the right lighting, has some amazing crackling going on. 

Very resonant and organic sound. Playability is perfect. 

With a bit of neck roll off it has that instant Jaco vibe - with both pickups 100% it has a lovely blossoming and dark sound that just mixes so well with a band! 

The color is very hard to photograph.. But I did my best :)

Trades / part trades with a good Precision, Mustang or an US Lakland 4 :)

Bass is located in Denmark. Will ship via UPS. Contact for quote. 

2750€ / approx 2350£

















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Had a few inquiries about the "missing" Custom Shop decal on the back of the headstock. Well, long story short I got this from Fenders CS support (can email the full correspondence to a buyer). 

"Hi Mikkel,

Thank you for getting in touch and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Long story short, these fretless Jazz basses were constructed with 'Jaco Pastorious' base model necks - which are visible in the pictures attached. Because they are usually fitted with strap pins, they didn't include the Custom Shop logos on the back of the headstock.

The guitar is still an authentic Custom Shop instrument, but just doesn't feature the decal because of the Jaco connection. I hope this helps clear this up for you, and if there's anything else I can help with please let me know." 

I hope this clears it up :)


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    • By Fettsman
      Price dropped to £825

      Another bass that has sat in the cupboard for far too long unplayed. At a gig last night, I realised that the two basses I had with me were all I'd used in anger for ages and all I would ever need. (Until the dreaded GAS rears it's ugly head again)
      Any road up, here is my 2010 Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass in Crimson transparent. I got fed up of the N3 pickups and fitted EMG PJ pickups and a BTS four knob control system. The Scratchplate has been replaced with a mint green one but I can chuck in the original black one (a bit battered) if you like. The bass is fitted with the appropriate Hipshot DTuner and is in overall excellent condition. the only damage is a small gouge on the end of the headstock, a few plectrum scratches on the body on the upper boutand a little scuffing below the controls on the lower edge.
      The case  has most of the bits in it and is in very good condition.
      It's a beauty but it never gets played and I'm fast running out of space under the stairs.
      I am based in Leics but get around the country a lot with work so a meet could be possible.
      Let the pictures tell you more!
      Not really interested in trades. Try me if it's a guitar (not modern or even remotely pointy)


    • By ead
      Fender American Standard Precision Bass 2015 - £800
      For sale, in a vague attempt to reduce my stock of P basses, is this is an American Standard P bass, a series that is no longer available and that is very well regarded for consistent quality.  The truss rod turns and the frets are in very good shape.
      There are one or two very minor dings to the finish from use over the past few years, but nothing awful.  The bass is in excellent condition and comes with a Fender Deluxe gig bag.  The Rosewood board is in very good condition and has been cleaned and oiled.
      I would prefer to arrange some kind of delivery/collection/meet up if at all possible.  I'm pretty flexible and willing to travel a bit if necessary.  Courier would be the last resort and will be at cost to you.
      If you have any questions at all, or require additional pictures of any details please ask away and I give as comprehensive an answer as I am able.  With my modest skills this bass is a bit tricky to capture in pics but here are a few that I hope are better than my first attempt.

    • By knirirr
      There's not any real need to sell this now, but it doesn't get used any more and so I'll leave it here in case it could benefit anyone with the the same playing but different colour preferences.
      Originally bought on this forum, it's a WD Music neck (dots on both sides so a left-hander could presumably use it) with an ebony board on a body made by Ernie McMillen. The pickups are Villex passive (stacked volume, passive mid and treble cut) and although there's a panel on the back there's nothing underneath it. The strings currently fitted are LaBella Copper white nylon, .050-.105. With the light body and these low tension strings I've found very comfortable to play. 
      I discovered that a crackling neck pickup volume control seems to have been a loose wire - I'll have to re-solder this if I can find my soldering iron or borrow one [Edit: Fixed - see below]. Everything else seems to be in order.
      Collection would be preferred so it can be tried; I'm working in Oxford and live in West Oxfordshire, and could perhaps meet somewhere or deliver for petrol money. If required to post it would probably have to be Parcelforce ; in this case I'd have to include a gig bag (to be taken into account if you want to make an offer). I had a bass come over from Japan in said bag without damage.
      Please ask if you have any questions.

    • By Higgie
      Up for sale is my Jon Shuker 5 String Jazz built for me in 2013. It has a couple knocks and bumps having toured the world with me but nothing obvious from the front. Villex pickups and electronics with passive mid cut make for a very versatile sound. It’s not the lightest bass ever made, but plays and sounds great. Comes with it’s original Hiscox hard case, or will knock some off if you want it in a generic gigbag.
      £1000 collected from Chingford, London.

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