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Hello Basschat community!

It’s the Classic story... I’m looking to move on two of my instruments, to make room for one special one! Not that the two I’m going to shift aren’t special... but you know 😉.

So here’s number two of a two part post!

This is a Jon Shuker custom built 6 string bolt on singlecut bass, with a super comfy 33” scale length.

I was the second owner of this Bass, having bought it from the original owner. I’ve absolutely loved owning it, and it was my main bass through my most busy times of gigging. I loved its weight, compactness, sound, and the super low action you can achieve on it. It all added it up to make a bass you could play super long sets on and not be worn out by it. In more recent years I found it relegated to sitting in a gig bag, which is a huge shame considering it’s calibre. 

Those unfamiliar with Jon Shuker, Jon is a bass luthier based in the Peak District. I’ve owned five of his basses and they’ve all been stunners in their own way.

Heres the specs as of when it came to me courtesy of the previous owner! 

white ash body
squareish front edge (to mimic old slab style bodies) forearm contour, rear rib carve and rear edge rounded to 1/2"
dark amboina burr drop top
individual bridge units
17mm spacing
black hardware
2 X EMG 45DC - neck and bridge
EMG Preamp* fitted later by me
satin topcoat

33" scale
24 frets
medium frets
5 piece maple/wenge neck
20.5mm deep at 1st fret, 22mm at 12th, gentle C profile, pretty slim
rosewood board
20" radius
dark amboina burr headstock veneer
gotoh gb707 tuners
57mm nut
carbon fibre neck reinforcement
MOP side dots only
two way truss rod
brass nut
satin finish

An notable addition I have made to the bass is the EMG three band 18v preamp. This expanded the range of tones available from the bass, as I really wanted the ability to alter the mud frequency on the fly. I’ve also fitted new battery snaps (and improved the battery cavity) in the past, and given it a new good quality jack socket sling the way. 

Condition wise, I’ve done my best to picture the bass. The bass is in ok shape, but does have some scratches/dents from general gigging/rehearsal room life. Please take time to look at the pictures, and get in touch if you’d like adetsiled shot of any particular areas.


Trade wise... I’m only interested in a early 70’s Jazz or a custom shop Jazz, which would obviously involve cash in the other parties direction, which I’m happy to discuss. 

Any questions please get in touch!




















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