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2011 Warwick Infinity neck-thru

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Up for sale a wonderful Infinity neck-thru, a bass that nowadays costs almost €6000 (€6300 for the 5 strings version on Thomann!).

Curly Maple neck, Ovangkol wings. Very very nice. Comes with a brand new hardshell case. No trades, sorry. Can ship by UPS for £50 within Europe. Payment by PayPal or bank wire transfer.

Can obviously take more pictures if needed, but as you can see it's very very clean.




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    • By StevieE
      Now just £500+shipping!!! 
      1996 MiG Warwick Fortress One Fretless, 3 piece flamed maple body, wenge neck & ebony fingerboard and is finished in delicious Honey
      Generic spec and info HERE
      I've had this bass a number of years and have attempted to play it for just a few hours in all that time. Fretless dreams now over, I can't justify owning an instrument just because looks/rarity etc. I'm dithering over ordering a custom Sandberg, having a bit of cash to go towards it will help! 
      The condition is excellent, especially for a 22yo bass. There are a few minor little scratches here and there, but you have to really search to find them. It's strung with flats of unknown age and origin, so will benefit massively from a new set of strings and proper set up. Electrics all seem to work fine when I plugged her in earlier.
      Collection is always preferred (RM5) but if its at the buyers risk and expense, I'll ship her out.
      Sale only, no trades please. Cash needed for the Sandberg fund!
      Cheers for looking, Steve 

    • By Marianna
      **Price dropped for quick sale**
      I'm selling my beautiful Warwick Corvette Basic Rockbass 4-string in gorgeous Honey finish with active MEC J/J pickups. I'm not playing anymore, so time to pass it on. The bass has been extremely well looked after and it's in mint condition. You're basically buying as new but for half the price if you were to buy new today. Versatile, slim necked, great for beginners/younger players. 
      Selling with a practice amp, soft case and strap. Great set up for beginner/intermediate player. Just need a lead to get started. The amp is a cheap amp, hence including it for free here. The Ritter case is padded and well made. Strap is a simple black fabric strap. I still have the original paperwork for the bass and the amp, although the bass is obviously no longer under warranty. 
      Based in Manchester for collection or will look into courier options. 

    • By Matte_black
      Hello! Another one in need of a new home. 1988 Stage 1, Wengé neck/fingerboard, Maple body. This one has been played on the Wacken festival stage by one of the previous owners.
      As you can see there's wear here and there and the hardware could do with a polish, but it's globally in very good conditions for its age and sounds great. Usual pre-91 skinny neck, contoured and concave body... you know the bass, I guess.
      No trades, sorry. If you need more pictures or informations, send me a message. Shipping by UPS is £50 within Europe, payment by Paypal or bank wire transfer.

    • By Matte_black
      Hello! Going to post 4 different Warwicks. This is the first of the list: 1998 Corvette FNA, Ash body, Maple top, Turquoise finish, Wengé neck and Seymour Duncan pickup.
      Pretty good conditions, no issues. The finish on the body has a few blemishes but nothing major, as you can see. Only needs a fresh set of strings. Straplocks are included.
      No trades, sorry. £750 plus shipping (£50 within Europe). Payment by PayPal or bank wire transfer. Ships in a Gator soft-shell case (boxed). UPS usually delivers in 3 working days.
      Of course can take more pictures if needed.

    • By Henrythe8
      Up for grabs are not one, but TWO pretty rare Warwick Dolphin Pro1. 
      The first one is Sofia, a 1998 Dolphin Pro1, one of the last with the body made out of Boiré wood. (African Rosewood). Neck is Wengé/Zebrano with a Wengé fingerboard. MEC pickups and electronics. I used it A LOT, and therefore there are some minor marks (thumb over the neck p'up, and a small ding at the end fin of the bass. 
      The bas is not entirely original as I changed the pot buttons for a nice one with a red top for the preamp, and the tuners were changed for GOTOH BG707 (thos who know the reputation of Warwick tuners can be thankful 🙂 ). Flaws appear in the pictures. 
      Sold with the OHSC that is made with the Titanic anchor. 
      More pictures here : https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZkdvSzFYEFomQKDS2
      Soundclip here : 
      This one can be yours for GBP1800 / 2000€

      The second one is Elise, a VERY rare 1989 Dolphin Pro1 in Blueburst. There were only 4 made in this color, 2 with ebony fretboard and EMG pickups (For french bassist Pascal Mulot) of which only one survived. The two other were made for a pro German bass player with wengé fingerboard and Bartolini Pickups. this is one of those. Boiré body and super thin Wengé neck, wengé fingerboard. This one has a very specific tone, almost nasal, and a lot of character. 
      Fully original, frets have been levelled a few years back giving a very nice thin fret feeling. Very great shape except for a few small marks on the upper horn (I suspect tapping with some bracelets 🙂 )the Back cover has been signed by Pascal Mulot when I met him. 
      This one is priced at 2300€/2000gbp, given the rarity of the 89 models, and this one in particular. 
      Sold with the OHSC that is made with the Titanic anchor, also. 

      Pictures here : https://goo.gl/photos/kLh7kyHX9nPv1KaGA
      Basses are located in Northern France, and I can pick up my fellow Britons friends at the Lille Station should you want to travel with Eurostar. 
      I'd rather not ship but will do if the buyer arrange and pay for the courrier. 
      Prices are rather fair in my opinion, but if you feel you can make very near offer please do. 
      I can accept a partial trade, but I'm VERY specific about the trade-ins : 
      VERY welcome is the Warwick Thumb BO5 (BROADNECK only.); or the Sandberg VM5. Dolphin Pro1 5 Broadneck (only) . Ibanez BTB Terra FIrma welcome, Ibanez AFR, too, if 5 strings. 
      only 4-strings I can accept is a Precision Bass : Custom Shop, relic'd, but non Maple, non sunburst. 
      Reason for saelling those is I have commissionned a Stradi, and don't play a lot on 4-stringers anymore.