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Up for sale a wonderful Infinity neck-thru, a bass that nowadays costs almost €6000 (€6300 for the 5 strings version on Thomann!).

Curly Maple neck, Ovangkol wings. Very very nice. Comes with a brand new hardshell case. No trades, sorry. Can ship by UPS for £50 within Europe. Payment by PayPal or bank wire transfer.

Can obviously take more pictures if needed, but as you can see it's very very clean.




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    • By olihayhurst
      1994 (I think) Warwick Fortress One 5 string in perfect condition with one careful owner from new. I have mostly been playing double bass since about 1996 so it has spent many years sitting in a case. Feels and sounds great. I have just finally admitted I don't really need it any more.

    • By incubass
      I'm selling my Warwick Star Bass II Bubinga made in Germany. I have too many basses, so it's time to let this beauty go. The bass is in great condition as you can see from the pics and video.
      The bass is in Braga, Portugal, and the price is 1500£. I don't have a hardcase (only gig bag) but if the interest is real let me know and I can try to find one so it's possible to ship it.
      I can deliver in hand in Portugal or Spain if it's not to far (Santiago de Compostela, Vigo, Salamanca). 


    • By marcblum
      Whatever may happen to currency exchange rate within the next days and weeks:
      if you send me 2,200€ and take shipping costs, I'm your man.
      This bass has a mean growl to it. Intonation is great and chords play easy and sound clear, transparent and without mud. B-string has same volume as E- or A-string, lively harmonics and usable notes even in higher positions.
      Open pores and oiling make for great haptics.
      Weight is massive: 5,7kg
      Electronics work passive and active
      Bass has been played, but not much usage the last years. I did some oiling and adjustments.
      neck at saddel: 52,45mm
      neck at 12. fret: 73,35mm
      width at bridge (H core to c core): 84,10mm
      neck thickness ca. 22mm
      neck form factor: flat C, not yet D   
      Location: Aachen / Aken / Aix-la-Chapelle, Germany
      price (26-Feb-19): 2200 EUR (approx 1900 GBP), plus shipping costs
      Manufacturer data sheet
        Bass               Thumb Bass NT 6 string
        Serial Number      B 214 90
        Year               1990
        Month              February
        Number             214
        Neck Wood          Wenge with Bubinga
        Fingerboard        Wenge, Mother of Dot inlays
        Frets              Bronce Warwick Frets  
        Nut                Just a Nut Brass version
        Neck construction  continuous "Hiddenneck" neck connection
        Body               3 piece massive Bubinga body
        Surface            Beeswax finish
        Pickups            2 passive Bartolini Humbuckers
        Electronic         active MEC 2 band electronics
        Hardware           Schaller Black Hardware, Warwick specific
        Made in Germany / 91330 Eggolsheim

    • By Matte_black
      Hello! Just a feeler for now... I'm going to upload pictures in a few hours, the weather is quite miserable and I definitely prefer natural light to take pics...
      1988 Thumb bass, transition era (already has the 2 pieces bridge but still has the tilted tuners of the early ones).
      Thin neck, good action, good frets, stock pickups (EMG) and preamp (MEC 2 bands). No cracks, no repairs, no failing glue joints. Medium weight, I think it's around 4.3 but my balance's battery's gone.
      It's got some wear and in some spots you can see and/or feel the wood moved a bit, creating the usual "gap" between different pieces.
      They might be easily removed but this would imply a refinish, that would take away the patina. Easy to do, though, if you want it in mint conditions.
      Comes with non-original teardrop case, fresh strings and good setup. The battery cover is missing the tooth (as always happens) but it's pretty cheap to replace.
      I can personally guarantee about the conditions. You're not going to receive an unplayable, dirty or poorly set-up instrument. It will arrive ready to play. I'll do my best to replace the battery cover before shipping, needs nothing else.
      The bass has a big sound, the first time I played it thru my 18" I thought the lows were boosted... but they weren't. Also very bright. It's one of the "good ones", if you know what I mean.
      I ship by UPS, £50 within Europe, takes 3 working days. I have feedbacks here and on other platforms (eBay, Talkbass, even the Warwick Bass forum Bass Arena). Payment by bank wire transfer or paypal (normal, not friends/family payment).
      Not interested in trades, I'm heavily downsizing as I basically only play 15 minutes a week, just for my own pleasure. No band, no gigs. 
    • By Blalpher
      I have a Warwick Corvette Hot Rod Limited Edition 2005 no. 93/250. 4 string, Active with push pull passive function. Flames maple top, neck and fretboard with swamp ash body. 
      I am looking for offers on trades for a 4/5 string German made Thumb or Streamer. No particular specs required. Open to pro series offers. 
      Must be German made. Will also accept multiscale offers and Alpher Instruments Offers.  

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