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    • By Ma'Grass
      Hi everyone, 

      this pick up came off my Fender Telecaster Bass from 1968 and It's a perfectly working, rare and original part from Fender's CBS years. It comes with height regulation springs and earth wire.
      It sounds super warm and with natural mids, exactly what you'd expect from the Telecaster bass.
      you can hear some of it in action here and here

      Also, I have a video available of the pickup being test metered, showing a reassuring 0 (circuit closed therefore everything working),

      you can check it out here

      Get in touch, you tele will never sound more original than this!  

    • By Frontrow
      **SOLD** Konig & Meyer Double Bass Stool is for sale.
      Bought 9 years ago, it has had a light use. It is a very good condition. Backrest and Footrest are both removable.
      Height: 58-82 cm
      Weight: 8.5 kg(including backrest and footrest)
                   6.5 kg(without backrest)
      Collection in person preferred, but we can drop it off if within 5 miles from central Cambridge.

    • By goffman
      For sale is a Panda Audio Future Impact v3 Bass Synth.
      Bought the pedal in May 2020 and has only seen use at home. Never rehearsed or gigged with the pedal so is in excellent condition, as can be seen in the photos.
      These are very powerful, very versatile synth pedals. Based off of the original Akai Deep Impact pedal and famed for its use by Chris Wolstenholme of Muse.
      A tonne of info on the FI v3 here: http://pandamidi.com/bass-guitar-synth/
      Bought new for €299, open to sensible offers.
      Cash on collection preferred from South East London.

    • By Baloney Balderdash
      So it seems like there are not a lot of short scale fretless basses around, but if I can find a decent one within my budget limit I sort of ponder on buying one in the near future.
      I'll like it to be max 30" scale length, preferably be a 4 string, and my budget limit would be about 400£, but I'd prefer cheaper, as long as it is still decent (I would suspect a pickup upgrade down the line being necessary anyway in this kind of price class).
      Does such a bass exist?
      All suggestions are welcome.
    • By EliasMooseblaster
      A white, single-ply plastic pickguard/scratchplate for a standard P-bass. Holes cut for standard split pickup, volume and tone controls, and jack socket. 13 countersunk screwholes, and two either side of the pickup hole, should you wish to add an ashtray.
      I won't lie: this is an old, cheap part, taken from a Brandoni self-assembly kit I acquired around 2000-1.The original white colour has faded, but apart from a bit of scuffing on the edges, it's in pretty good nick. Ideal for anyone looking to complete a parts bass on the cheap. Free to a loving owner; this comes from a smoke free home, we have had cats but neither of them have sat on this scratchplate to the best of my knowledge.
      (I'll pop a photo in here once I've cleaned it up!)
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