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  1. I think I got it, but I dont know of I'm totally right What's you opinion?
  2. Any opinions? Comments help me improve!
  3. TUNING: E, A, D, G except the last two SONGS. They are in E, A, C, G. I made this video because nobody had made some kind of top metal bass riffs (at least I haven't found anyone). I've watched this kind of videos for rock bass, but not for metal. I think they are very enjoyable. I had a good time recording the video and I hope you enjoyed watching it. I had to work hard to make this video, so consider to SUBSCRIBE to encourage me to do more videos. Also, if you liked you can press the LIKE button and SHARE the video. It helps a lot. Thanks for watching this 20 metal bass riffs.
  4. BLACK SABBATH-N.I.B. BASS SOLO. BASS SOLOS COLLECTION-10 The bass solos series is a collection of great bass solos played by me. It pretends to be a list for people that want to learn or enjoy bass solos. This song appeared on the great self titled Black Sabbath's debut album. It features a great Geezer Butler bass solo, which shows his great ability for playing and composing. It really served as a model for many bass players in metal that wanted to take their instrument to another level and make great solos. This solo was the beginning of the fantastic track N.I.B track, on of their most famous songs. It was released in 1970. This video is not a bass cover of the whole song, just a cover of the bass solo. I hope you enjoy it. I will continue uploading this kind of videos, so keep in tune. Please SHARE the video, it helps a lot. SUBSCRIBE to help to widen the love for bass guitar, and also to encourage me to make more content. If you want me to continue with this "bass solos collection", don't hesitate and tell me if you liked it or not (press the like or dislike button!).
  5. Davie504 asked for the best bass solo ever and gave people a drum track they should use for that solo. It is a bass solo competition, so I did my best. I hope you all enjoyed the video. I used double camera angle, by the way! Slap like! You can also SUBSCRIBE if you liked!
  6. I have always been a huge Queen fan, so I decided to send them a video for the #Youarethechampions proyect. It was a campaign they launched to make 3 new videoclips. It ended the 18th of August of 2019. Graphic dessigners participated creating art content for A Kind of Magic video, dancers danced for Don't Stop Me Now video and singers and musicians had the opportunity to play Bohemian Rhapsody. For that reason I covered that great song. The opportunity was because Bohemian Rhapsody hit one billion views on YouTube. It was great because it allowed fans to get involved on Queen's videos and feature them. The song is not very difficult on bass, although momentaneously shows some interesting and cool John Deacon fills. The details he adds show how great and tasty player he truly is. The bass sometimes was a bit hidden by the mix, so people could'nt always apreciate its greatness. Bohemian Rhapsody is a fantastic song that almost everybody Knows nowadays. It was released in 1975 as a single and as part of the great "A Night of the Opera" álbum. I hope you ENJOY my try at that song. YOU CAN SUBSCRIBE IF YOU LIKED!
  7. Hey. Thanks for the constructive comment, bro!
  8. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! READ THE DESCRIPTION IF YOU WANT TO DISCOVER MORE: IRON MAIDEN-THE DUELLISTS. BASS SOLOS COLLECTION-9. The bass solos series is a collection of great bass solos played by me. It pretends to be a list for people that want to learn or enjoy bass solos. This song appeared on the great Iron Maiden's Powerslave album, released on 1984. This track features an amazing Steve Harris bass solo. That is really uncommon, because Harris stated that he didn't like bass solos. In fact, this kinf of bass solos or bass interludes were more common back in the first Iron Maiden records (in tracks such as killers, Iron Maiden, Run to the Hills, The Number of the Beast...to name a few). This video is not a bass cover of the whole song, just a cover of the bass solo. I hope you enjoy it. You can subscribe to my youtube channel if you liked the video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdzGmH8kV1A4ggge-TquZDg?sub_confirmation=1.
  9. SUBSCRIBE IF YOU LIKED! It really helps me a lot: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdzGmH8kV1A4ggge-TquZDg?sub_confirmation=1. Instruments featured on the video: -Bass Guitar. -Programmed keyboards: MalephicBass. Sound recorded with Focus­rite Scar­lett 2i4. This video shows a calm bass solo, which I think is pretty relaxing. I thought that adding some keyboards would add a cool atmosphere to make the track even more interesting and good sounding. For the bass sound I used a bit of sound effects like reverb and delay. All in all, I think the result has been good, with a deep sound track and a enterteining video. I think it also proves how playing chords and arpeggios on bass is also possible and that it can sound good. I hope you all ENJOY this calm bass solo as much as I do! I will continue uploading videos of this quality, so keep in tune. If you liked the video, please SHARE IT, because it helps a lot. SUBSCRIBE to widen the community of people who share the passion for bass guitar and to encourage me to upload more content.
  10. Hope you like it! Consider to subscribe, because there will be more videos
  11. SUBSCRIBE IF YOU ENJOYED. FUNK METAL BASS SOLO. I hope you enjoyed my try on this metal funk solo. Drumms and bass by malephicbass . OTHER RELEVANT VIDEOS ON THE CHANNEL: -Aces High Bass Cover. Essential Metal Basslines to Learn (01): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgYSwoNPwQ8 -Bass Guitar Metal Solo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRglsZQzlEU -David Ellefson Bass solo Cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KgxjxvipQI #themetalbass
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