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Pedulla Thunderbass 5 ET

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Have decided to sell my beloved Pedulla. The bass comes with original case and all the candy that belongs there.
Specs are:

- Neck thru, 34" scale
 -24 frets
- 19mm spacing
- 5 piece maple neck w/ bubinga stringers
- Ebony board w/ some sapwood figuring
- Cocobolo top wood
- Soft Maple body wings
- Bartolini/Pedulla Pickups
- Bartolini/Pedulla 9V Preamp w/Thunderguts mid switch.
- Dunlop recessed flush mount straplocks
- Gold Hardware

The reason for the low price is that the bass received a knock on the back of the neck. I didn't noticed it until I changed strings. I took it to a pro builder/repair guy, and he fixed it. It is as good as new, and more stable than a very stable genius. I have tried to take a picture of it, but it's hard to spot. 
Shipping to Europe included.








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Been getting some PM's about the damage. 
The crack was very small and vas fixed by a pro with a few drops of glue. Check out his work here: https://bit.ly/2RJlS1m

Will accept returns if buyer is not satisfied. Also taking offers.

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    • By Cog1977
      USA Peavey Millennium Plus 5-string     Body: Alder with flame maple top Finish: Gloss lacquer Scale: 35" Neck and fingerboard: Maple Pickups: 1x Peavey VFL active style, 1x Peavey VFL active soapbar  Controls: Active 18v 3 band preamp with mid sweep control Frets: 21 Medium Nut width: 47mm Neck width: 69mm at 21st fret String spacing at bridge: 17.5mm Weight: 4.24kg / 9lb 4oz Dunlop Straploks   This was originally bought here on Basschat as a back up instrument to my 5-string Peavey Cirrus.  It served well as a back up and wasn’t actually used except in a rehearsal and at home!  It plays great however, and for those wanting a narrower string spacing on a 5-string it’s a good fit.  It feels ‘easier’ to play than my Musicman Bongo (due to neck shape I suppose).  It reminds me of the smoothness of my Mike Lull, but with a narrower string spacing.  The active EQ can dial in a huge range of sounds making this an extremely versatile instrument.  This article from back in the day features it in a high end 5-string shoot out:   http://www.statii.com/status_cats/reviews/15/index.html   Here are some of the specs as listed in that article:   Condition: very good with just a few minor flaws (see photos): surface scratch on the back of the bass; a slight string mark on the edge of the neck pickup; small mark on the back near the neck join.   This bass does not come with a case, so pickup preferred, but willing to discuss shipping.  Based in Bradford.  

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      This is a Marleaux Consat Custom 5 professionally converted to fretless, currently wearing nylon-wound strings. It is in good condition - just one visible ding on the top side near the cutaway (visible in the photo #4)
      Neck 3-piece quilted / bird's eye maple with wenge veneers Fingerboard Ebony Top burl ash (matching headstock) Body mahogany with wenge  veneer Marleaux 3-band tone control with active / passive Switch Basstec (Haussel) humbuckers  ETS Marleaux bridge and knobs Kluson machine heads  
    • By Arnoldoc
      Pedulla MVP 5 for sale in very good condition - mainly studio use throughout its life.
      Michael Pedulla retired last year so they are no longer being made. Last UK list price for a similarly spec model Was £5,750.
      No trades please.
      AAA solid maple body wings 3 piece maple neck Ebony fingerboard Bartolini (proprietary to Pedulla) P/J pickups 2 band active electronics 17.5mm ABM bridge Gotoh gold hardware Very good condition (hardware shows age a little bit of tarnishing but body is truly mint). Frets leveled recently so it plays with super low action if required

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      (Located in The Hague, NL. My feedback history: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/280308-feedback-for-torvic/page/3/#comments)
      This is a custom Marleaux Votan with a reverse split-coil pick-up (in a soapbar cover) in the middle position and a humbucker in the bridge position respectively. 
      control configuration: vol (push-pull/ active-passive) + blend + passive tone + stacked bass+treble + switch1:series/parallel - switch2: coil-tap single-coil/humbucker)
      weight: ~4.4.kg
      Standard spec:   https://www.marleaux-bass.com/marleaux-bass_votan.html 

    • By TorVic
      (Located in The Hague, NL. My feedback history: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/280308-feedback-for-torvic/page/3/#comments)
      Selling this Mike Sabre bass (the DDP-I model) that I bought here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/343402-sold-mike-sabre-5-string/?tab=comments#comment-3760972
      Interested trades/part-trades: Stingray Special HH 
      *Will ship in a generic hard-case. Shipping costs included. 
      Website: http://www.mike-sabre.com/Models/DDiPiazzaModels/SignatureModel/signaturemodel.html
      Weight: 4.2kg
      Current strings: E-C
      Spec from website: 
      Nud width :
      - 4 strings : 1-1/16"(42,85 mm) / 1-1/2"(38,10 mm)
      - 5 strings : 1-3/4"(44,45 mm) / 1-7/8"(47,62 mm)
      Width at last fret :
      - 4 strings : 2 5/8" (66 mm)
      - 5 cordes : 2.906" (74 mm)
      Fingerboard radius : 10°
      Scale length : 34" (866 cm)
      Number of frets : 24
      Neck :
      - One piece quarter-sawn maple
      - Asymmetric back shape
      - Triple reinforced Truss Rod System
      - WARMOTH construction
      Fingerboard wood : Pau Ferro
      Fret size : 6105 "Hard nickel siver 18%"
      Body wood : Alder
      Tuners : Schaller BML Light Bass
      Bridge : Dominique Di Piazza Fretless Bridge
      String spacing at bridge:
      - 4 strings : 3/4" (19 mm)
      - 5 strings : 17 mm
      Pickups :  two pickups EMG
      Electronic :
      - Volume, Volume, Tone
      Finger ramp : Acajou
      Finish : Clear gloss

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