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Selling my beloved Mesa. It just got too many options for me :) )  Had to fix one foot (see pictures) otherwise the amp is in perfect condition! Comes with Bag and Cable.

I also got the Orginal Mesa-Footswitch (for muting) if required ...

I' m  looking for an ESP Vintage 4 in Vintage White! Who knows, maybe we could trade?










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    • By Bassdude BE
      Greetings fellow bassists,
      I just got this beauty last month and I was hoping to be able to keep her, but it seems the small form factor is a big problem for me.
      The bass has a very small body (compared to the huge 5 string P & J's I usually play) and I have very long monkey arms which makes me feel a bit cramped playing such a small/short instrument,
      so that's why I'm looking for a sale/trade.
      Since I received the bass from customs last week I've had her restrung and set-up by my luthier with a fresh set of Thomastik Flats which really make this bass a dream to play!
      The Nordstrand Zen Blades have a very even volume over all the strings and they sound strong and defined.
      The B string is tight and offers a very strong fundamental tone.
      The electronics are dead quiet and the bass has a recording-tone to die for!
      The standard version starts at 1899 USD, this one would set you back 2400 USD + import and shipping costs so there's definitely a bargain to be had here...
      Cash Price: 1350£ (This includes a brand new hardcase)
      Trade value: +-1500£
      The spec's are:
      MG bass Lined Fretless custom
      -  34" scale
      -  Swamp Ash body with Wengé vineer and Brazillian Olive wood top
      - 7 piece Maple/Wengé neck with a nice dark slab of Ebony for the fingerboard, 24 fret lines with dots on the side
      - 2 Nordstrand Zen blade pickups wired passive Volume/Balance/Tone
      - Ebony ramp
      - Gotoh tuners and bridge
      - The weight is 4.4kg
      website: https://mgbassguitars.com/?lang=en
      Open to trades with  5 string basses, fretted or lined fretless. <35" scale please!
      I'm also in the market for a lightweight 4 Ohm cab or lightweight combo,  W.h.Y.G.?
      Will  consider  a straight trade or a  trade with cash adjustment my way, just send me a PM and we'll talk about it.
      I'm based in Belgium but have sold loads of basses and other gear here on BC and never had a problem with delivery, please check my feedback where I am praised multiple times for the supersecure packaging jobs I do on all of my instruments that I send overseas.
      The bass will be shipped in a brand new Thomann hardcase, original cardboard box and I will ad some extra packaging materials to make sure nothing can happen to the bass during shipping. Delivery time is usually 48hours.  
      Anyway, I think it's high time for some Bass Porn!! 😎

    • By iSeal95
      Im selling this beautiful Spector Euro 5LX (2017)
      It plays amazingly and sounds punchy, full and cuts through just like you would expect a Spector too, it has also sat really well in the mix for a few recording sessions and weddings ive played so its versatility is not to be scoffed at!

      Near mint with only 2 small marks to be found, also comes with its Spector fitted Hardcase.

      Looking to trade for: 5 strings!!! Musicman (maple fretboard), Warwick, Mayones.. and anything 5 string. TRY ME!

    • By Bassdude BE
      Aguilar Tonehammer in mint condition,
      only used in my home studio, so it has never been pushed hard.
      Alas the  112 cab I was using it with died yesterday and buying a new cab will probably not fit my budget this month,
      so I'm hoping to find a trade with a lightweight combo (cash adjustment your way can be discussed ofcourse).
      I would prefer a trade with lightweight 112 combo (Markbass/Tecamp/...), but will consider a  compact/lightweight 210 combo as well, w.h.y.g.?
      Greets & Grooves!

    • By Dandelion
      Localish, trade preferred. 
      The anxiety of posting basses leaves me cold.  Misunderstandings can also occur, so I am always reluctant to post..  But I WILL if it is a deal breaker.    As I now have a suitable box.   
      Will sell for £230 for a while, then it is back to trade only, because to be honest I don't know the going rate for a Cort Curbow 6..??
      I will box up and post if you sort the courier because I am hardly ever at home during posting hours. 
      Looking for a relatively decent condition 5 string for straight swap. Even ridiculous spikey death metal type basses considered. 
      This bass has few light scratches to the finish on the rear due to being played, but is otherwise in VGC.  Battery cover still has cellophane on it..  Looks very attractive and unusual. 
      34" hard maple neck
      Ebonol finger board
      Luthite body
      Dead strings (need replacing) 
      Bartolini MK 1 pick up. 
      9v active electronics. 
      Fairly difficult bass to find in this six string configuration, and no longer made. 
      Please excuse urinating Chihauhau.. 


    • By kieranhogarty
      Hi there,
      I am selling my Mesa Boogie Powerhouse Standard 2x10 600W 8 Ohm bass cab with Silver Grille (PRICE DROP TO £300).
      Only selling as I am making the jump across to full in ear monitoring so will be surplus to requirement. It is in perfect working order and in great condition with minimal wear and tear.
      Full specs are as follows:
      - Power Handling: 600 Watts
      - Impedance: 8 Ohms
      - Speakers: 2-10" Mesa Custom Powerhouse, Mesa High-Frequency Horn
      - Dimensions: 24.5" x 19.5" x 17"
      - Weight: 62 lbs
      I have previously owned a 4x10 mesa powerhouse standard and barely noticed any difference when downsizing to the 2x10, crazy amounts of power and low end for a much smaller package.
      There are some screw holes on the bottom (see picture) that a previous owner used for casters, meaning the holes are there if you fancy popping casters back on.
      Collection from Bath is preferably, but I can deliver within a reasonable distance at the buyers expense (price of fuel).
      Only looking for a sale, no trades.
      Message me through basschat if you have any questions.
      Thanks for looking

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