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Supertramp - Breakfast In America Transcription Play along

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    • By wal4string
      Mr.Blue Sky.pdf
      Been teaching my 10 year old Grandson bass. After wracking my brains I rediscovered my love of ELO and this bass line. He nailed the bass line to the intro and verse no problem. Will be teaching him the chorus next week.  The walking bass line section will be his homework. His Mum tells me he is able to sing along while playing along. The rug rat is an aspiring Jack Bruce, Mark King, Sting etc. However he is only 10, I just hope his enthusiasm continues or I can sustain his love of the bass while I try to teach him to read so he will no longer need his grandad to show him. 
      If any basschatters can suggest any similar tunes for a beginner  I would appreciate any suggestions.
    • By wal4string
      Dougie Thomson's bass line on Even In The Quietest Moments by Supertramp. For educational purposes only. 

      Even In The Quietest Moments.mp4
    • By wal4string
      Dougie Thomson's bass line on Dreamer by Supertramp. For educational purposes only.
    • By wal4string
      Dougie Thomson's bass line on Give A Little Bit by Supertramp. For educational purposes only. Rather than count the 22 bars rest, there is a drum pick up in bar 23 just before bass comes in.

      Give A Little Bit.mp4
    • By wal4string
      Another track from Fagen's solo album. However Walter Becker has bass and guitar duties. This is a first for me, a drop Bb tuning.
      The dotted quavers in the phrase played during the verse are often played muted.
      Tomorrows Girls.pdf
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