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FENDER JAZZ BASS 74/75 * Price 2950 euros *

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Hello this time I put on sale of my private collection a magnificent Fender Jazz Bass year 74/75. The saddle was changed by a bone and the Turkish to adjust the mast was the change because it was a bit rounded and put on a new original fender. The case is not the original, it is a used box with two zippers placed. It rides Thomastik-Infeld JF34043 ropes that go like ring to the finger are soft to the soft touch and the sound that transmits is warm and round very similar to another fender that I have of the 68/69.It is possibly of the best I have had in Fender and this for the connoisseur is a lottery. Whoever buys it will be delighted with the purchase. Take this moment to get your bass for life. I reserve to withdraw without notice, I need the money is the reason for the sale I'm not interested in exchanges thank you. Best regards











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For those fender lovers don't let him get away. It's probably your ultimate fender. The sound is overwhelming and in an incredible state of conservation for its years. Make haste that the movement begins. 


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Perfect treatment, totally reliable seller.

Miguel has a large collection of basses, I bought a couple of them and they were as well cared for as this one. Awesome fretboard!!

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