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Esh Various 5 Withdrawn

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It is a satin black finish on an Ash solid-body. The grain shows through the finish and looks lovely. It is a 34" scale, 45mm at the top nut, adjustable string spacing - currently at 19mm - and weighs 3.4kgs. It has two humbucker Pick-ups and a Piezo under the bridge.

The Esh-Tronic controls are: master volume, Master Tone, Bridge pick-up/Parallel/Bridge and 80% Neck PU/Pick-ups in series. Control nearest the bridge is: Studio (pick-ups direct bypassing the pre-amp/Passive/Passive and Piezo/Active and Piezo.

The combination of two humbuckers and a Piezo allows you so much variation and the option to bypass the preamp and go direct is a super idea. 

This is a German made bass and quite unusual to find this pick-up spec, Piezo and pre-amp configurations.









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