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Fretboard staining

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I have a relatively cheap Hudson PB5 that has turned out to be quite a nice bass that I'm "stealthing" (photos will inevitably follow...). The fretboard looks to have been stained but the job wasn't very good and it's a bit streaky. I would like to make it as black as the rest of the guitar (and hardware). I found a thread on fingerboard staining:

The OP talks about using "Fiebings Leather Dye" and says that it was oil based. I've found the oil based version on Amazon (at a price...) I would quite like to end up with a slightly shiny (think Ebanol) look so wonder if this would be suitable - the non-oil based version specifically says "it is very hard to buff". I've read that India Ink produces a good effect but don't know how it copes with play wear.

So, looking for recommendations for a black stain that I can buff to a light gloss and which won't lift off on sweaty fingers :D (The Fiebings may be the one... but would like to be sure.)

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Some old Westone basses used to have a black fretboard. They were painted. Which, I guess gives you a solution that others came to when they wanted a durable black finish.

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