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Amp now sold Cab is still available
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Hi, I have had some interest, but this rig is still available.. would be open to sensible close offers.. thanks for your interest so far..

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    • By stewblack
      So I did the deed and traded my little tiny 12" BF cab for the 1X15 I was after. I am sad to see the little thing go it was truly a box of wonder - but who knows what the future holds? Maybe we'll reunite one day. For now I had to trade as funds are exhausted.
      This is what my A rig now looks like:

    • By tonyclaret
      Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe Programmable Pedal
      Save up to 6 presets, covers a wide range of tones, effects loop.
      Good condition, don't have original box.
      £160 posted

    • By silverfoxnik
      Morning Folks 
      Hope the weather is treating you OK wherever you are... 
      So, I have a Luddite ohmage question about whether or not it would be safe or not to pair my Ampeg V4BH valve head with my Epifani 310 cab. 
      Most of the time, I run the Ampeg with its matching 210 and 115 cabinets and it sounds absolutely glorious to me.. But at approx 60lbs each, it's a lot of weight when carrying both cabs around all the time. It does sound good when just using one of the cabs as well, especially the 115, but I have got very used to that full rig tone and (dare I say it) 'Heft'. 😀
      And this is where the Epi 310 comes in - it's a beautiful sounding cab and really lightweight and, if I could run it safely with the V4BH, I think it could give me another more portable option for certain gigs and rehearsals without losing too much sound-wise. 
      Like most valve amps, the V4BH has a switch that allows you to run it with cabs at either a total resistance of 4 ohms or 8 ohms. Now, to my Luddite brain, the way this is designed tends to make me think it's either got to be one ohmage setting or the other - or else you run the risk of major amp output transformer melt down!! 
      However, the Epifani is rated at 5.5 ohms.
      So my question is:
      If I set the Ampeg to the 4 ohm setting, will that work OK with the Epi or will it cause a problem because it's not a precise match? 
      Any pearls of wisdom and/or technical insight would be very gratefully received and much appreciated! 
      Thanks for reading... 😊
    • By Dandelion
      This is a heavyweight amp in every respect.  I used it in a classic rock band, it served me very well. 
      It has a dedicated overdrive channel and the Ampeg octave circuit. 
      1350 Watts bridged mono, and 600 Watts stereo. 
      Take a look on the Web for full specification. 
      Not many about. 
      This is my only amp.  I now gig once a week. 
      I would prefer to exchange for a LOUD and light Class D, so I can continue gigging schedule without disruption. 
      Alternatively, a straight sale would allow for a cash flow, thus a purchase from a dealer.  
      This is an amp which would benefit from a full service to ensure functionality. 
      I use it weekly, it serves me well, but I do not use many of its features so cannot comment on them. 
      Due to this, I will not accept full value for this Amp. 
      I am just after a solution to my problem.  
      You offer a nice clean class D amp, and in return you get the Ampeg SVT 5 PRO with Gator Case.  I will also provide the  SPEAKON bridging cable. 
      Happy new year... 

    • By jj1234
      Sold together or seperately Collection (London)  Cab £350 Head £400   Both bought together in early 2015, but rarely used and still in great working condition.    PF-410HLF 800w cab is in very good condition with a few minor scratches to the cabinet. The only obvious ones are shown in the photos.  Relatively light for a 4x10, but still too much to send by courier, so collection only. Selling as it is too big for my needs. Used for rehearsals and gigs, have never needed more than 50% volume. Comes with fitted cab cover.    PF-800 head is also in very good condition and sounds huge. A few markings on the surface but nothing obvious.