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Source Audio - multiwave distortion & tri wah

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    • By stewblack
      Two new pedals, lots and lots of scope for fiddling and diddling instead of practising.
      First up the Zoom B1 Four. Partly wanted this because I don't have one and I like Zoom stuff, partly as a simple 'one pedal in the bass bag and I'm set'. Did not disappoint. Some new effects and the ability to ditch those I never use, thus save scrolling through millions of delays and reverbs and amp sims.
      Not going to do an in depth review as it's been covered elsewhere pretty comprehensively. Personally I like it. Small size, lightweight (it's plastic) an upgrade for the B1ON. Best feature for me being able to line up 5 effects and turn them on and off as and when I need them; using them individually or in any combination I choose. So as my five most used are compression, drive, chorus, pitch shift and envelope, I can line these up and for a quick set up / pack down (open mic, multiple bands in one line up, violent and scary venue) and know I have at my feet all I'll need. Neat. It is the easiest Zoom to operate without connecting to a computer too. Clear menu, intuitive and customisable. The over all  bass, mid, treble and volume knobs are genius.
      Second new boy came as a trade. Source Audio Aftershock Bass Distortion. Three fuzz boxes in one and editing software to open up myriad presets all customisable. I can see much time lost to this little beauty. Not tried it beyond plugging in and twiddling, but it looks like fun that's for sure. Well made, shiny and 'normal' pedal shape and size.
      Anyone has tricks, tips or interesting discoveries relating to either of these toys please weigh in, I'm always keen to learn from the wise.
    • By maidens97
      Source audio aftershock TRADED
      little bear BS1 £20
      open to trades for other Bass fuzzes/distortions 

    • By DogHammer
      Now reduced to £100, and still with free delivery to a UK address.
      Source Audio Soundblox Pro - Multiwave Distortion
      Great condition, includes box and instruction manual. No power supply, this is how it came, but takes the standard 9volt.
      2 strips of velcro on the bottom as pictured. 
      Free Delivery to UK addresses. 

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