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2 x Studiomaster 1200D Poweramps

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I've inherited a couple of Studiomaster 1200D poweramps from the breakup of our band PA system. I thought I'd ask on here if anyone would be interested before I head to the 'bay.

They are pretty chunky 2u amps, and not light, BUT they are barely used.... maybe 15hrs use for one and 20hrs for the other.

XLR or Jack inputs and Speakon outputs. 1200w bridged at 8ohm or 2 x 600w at 4ohm.

I'd be looking for something in the region of £100 each, or I'll do a very good deal if you want to take both (£180?). Thats 2.5kw of power for less than £200!

Collection only please from south london, but can get them to northwest london or even south wales if you don't need them tomorrow.

Thanks for looking


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i've seen those crossover boards before,

what do they do/ what are they for?

I may be interested in this!

One problem,

getting it

if you could organize a corier or something i'd pick up the cost of course plus the £100

if you could do that we should talk

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Sorry, these all sold quite some time ago.

FYI - the crossover board enables you to split the signal so you can use one amp to drive your subs and the other the drive your tops. Just makes it more efficient/controllable.

Good value solid kit.

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