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SWR Silverado Combo Price Drop £Offers

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For Sale or trade is my SWR Silverado combo. Purchased from the Bass Centre back in the day, I gigged this amp in the late 90's (DI'd) and it never let me down. It then retired with me to occasional use at home.

Sent for a service with my local amp tech prior to listing. They replaced the gain control and passive/active input jack and all pots were cleaned (receipts can be provided) so it's all in good working order. Dimensions are H 62.5cm W 56.5cm D 41cm, weight is around 32KG. Decent sound particularly at the scoopy mid's thing! 

Would trade for something four stringed with added cash if required (quite fancy trying fretless) or effects I don't yet know I need. Located in PE8 and I could deliver within reason if required.








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    • By andyhaines
      Hello All,
      i’ve recently got hold of a lovely SWR Spellbinder Blue combo (valve preamp, 160w class d power amp) which seems to be in pretty good nick. It does however “tick”, well, more of a soft pop every few seconds when cold, with the frequency slowing down over time. Each time there’s a tick the mute LED beneath the master flashes on then off. Audible both through the speaker and through headphones, so I’m guessing more likely to be a preamp issue. 
      Apart from calling the bomb squad, anyone any thoughts as to what may be happening? Getting the amp serviced would be a good start but struggling to find anywhere that deals with both valve and digital amps in the Bath area.
      pic enclosed for gear porners...

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