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*SOLD* Hughes & Kettner Warp Factor Distortion - £40 ono

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I'm selling my rather rare Hughes & Kettner Warp Factor distortion pedal, in good condition & comes with the official 13v PSU (it doesn't take batteries). It goes full on filthy and doesn't lose the bottom end thanks to the "Sub" button which makes it pretty bass friendly.

£60 £55  £40 and it's yours, I'd prefer cash on collection from Norwich (close to the airport) but I will post at the buyer's expense.

Any questions or requests for more photos please just ask.

Cheers! Matt



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    • By loremil
      Now £130
      Selling this fantastic overdrive, distortion, general tone-shaping pedal. Sounds great but need the money at the moment. Comes with velcro, purchased less than a year ago and is extremely sturdy. Pedal lights up when plugged in and the teeth of the bear light up when on!
      No trades please, collection in London or shipment at buyer's expense.
      Clean Boost - from 0dB to +12dB.
      Overdrive - analog wave shaping tube simulator technology.
      Distortion - Hard edge clipping circuitry.
      Mid-Scoop tone shaping control.
      Hi-Cut filter to shape edges for vintage speaker simulation.
      Pristine Redeemer buffered output.
      Buffered bypass is stock (true bypass is optional)
      Can be used as a DI to plug directly into the line-in of any sound system.
      Uses 9VDC 250mA* standard center-negative 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel connector.
      Small footprint 3.1" x 4.25".

    • By loremil
      [PRICE REDUCED TO £150]
      Selling this great GRBass PureDrive pedal as  it is superfluous to my needs.
      A great piece of kit, this pedal functions as a preamp, a distortion pedal, a DI, and a tuner as well! Completely made in Italy, this comes with a 5 year warranty as well.
      Collection in London or can ship at buyer's expense, no trades please.
      Here is the official description from the GRBass website:
      The Pure Drive is a decidedly versatile Preamp designed for the most demanding bass players but suitable for everyone thanks to its ease of use that allows you to always have all the characteristics of the GR sound in ultra-compact size.
      The Pure Drive is equipped with a 4 band eq with 4 selectable frequencies on the mids and deep and bright filters.
      Furthermore, it is completed by an "Overdrive" section which, with its volume and dedicated drives, will allow you to obtain light saturations up to massive distortions.
      The Pure Drive is also a professional tuner with display and a D.I.
      All the components are carefully selected to offer a top product. It is completely made in Italy and is designed and built by a bassist for bass players.

    • By Jonathan Bee
      Price includes UK postage.
      In good condition, but without original box or power supply (runs off standard 9V DC).
      I got this to delve into overdrive and distortion but just end up using the gated fuzz, and my Mastotron has that covered. 

    • By Marky Screen
      Radial Tonebone Classic distortion. Took this in a trade recently but realistically I'm not going to use it enough to justify keeping it.
      Good condition, velcro on the bottom.

    • By Wolverinebass
      So, I recently acquired a Darkglass X ultra for my studio. I'm using my Tech 21 Dug Pedal in one of my bands. 
      I'm sure some people I'm sure will be interested in the comparison? I sat down the other day with my Rick 4003 and set to work.
      Firstly, both pedals are brilliant. There is no denying that. Now, let's get down to the meat. The Dug is obviously based on achieving his own tone. Now, not everyone wants that. I don't. However, despite it having a fixed crossover it's amazingly versatile and even at more extreme gain settings is still musical. Now for the downside. The mid scoop. It's there where the problem lies with this. Even with fiddling you can't get it back as the pedal eq just isn't voiced that way. Most of the time this isn't a problem though. The clean tone is a bit so-so and it's impossible to switch from clean to dirty with settings that are workable for either.
      This then brings me to the Darkglass. It has both a filter for the lows to keep them clean and one for how much frequency wise of the signal gets distorted. Sharp bite to brutal fuzz is possible. The 7 band eq is great as well, so a clean tone is easy enough to achieve. This brings me on to the distortion. It has a different character than the Dug. The only way I could describe it is "Darkglass." It's just what it is. So, can you get the same sounds out of each? Yes, but it takes some effort.
      At harsher settings the Darkglass fizzes a bit and at higher low end settings the bass turns a bit mushy in my view. However, unless you're mental, you're not going to do that.
      So which is better? Depends on your point of view. The Dug is £150 cheaper give or take. But it's less flexible. The Darkglass has more things to get used to, but is much more agile to change on the fly. Is that worth the price difference? Depends.
      On a personal note, I'd use the Dug live as I know it better. However, I feel that more can be wrung out of the X ultra if you choose to try to. The fact  it has switchable cab emulation is another bonus. Maybe the inherent "Darkglassness" of it might put people off, but in many ways it's better than the Dug. Possibly, the Dug has a more musical distortion, but that is a very personal choice for the player. I'm a Tech 21 person for life, but always like trying new stuff. 
      Take your pick. I doubt either would disappoint anyone.
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