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ROLAND R8 Drum Machine Manual

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Found this today in amongst some song books, the drum machine is long gone, I thought I'd stick it up here for a week before putting it in the recycling bin just in case it's useful to someone.



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    • By tomread
      Hi Basschatters!
      My website has over 600 FREE bass transcriptions on.  Just help yourselves if there's anything you would like.
    • By spaz91
      Cheapey Chinese Spector; defretted/filled/varnished by yours truly; heavily used in the past but now gathering dust. Free to a good home where it might get played. Ideal for anyone wanting to have a go at a fretless without having to spend any money. Action is as low as it'll get without getting farty but it's still a little bit of a strength exercise with one or two very small dead zones. Currently has a set of embarrassingly patriotic strings on it: red, white and blue coated DR Hi-Defs - supplying these free of charge as none of my other basses are humbucking so I can't use coated strings on them without getting static crackles. Electronics are functioning, two passive EMG humbuckers (not HZ series) with vol/vol/tone, there's a second tone knob which doesn't work but both tone knobs affect both pickups so it was completely redundant anyway. Huge chunk of varnish missing from the back, I think I attempted to smooth it down at one point, I don't remember; I got this bass halfway through uni so I don't remember much of its early life. See (pending) pictures for more details. Whoever takes it must promise to either use it or pass it on to someone who. No binning it.
        Getting rid because it's not getting used and it's taking up space, which is in short supply.
        Collection from Colnbrook (SL3) ideally. I've no amp set up at the moment (nor the room for one, hooray for VST plugins) but you're welcome to test it acoustic like. Can travel into London if fares are covered but it'll be supplied without a gig bag (none spare). No delivery, I'm afraid, as my schedule doesn't allow me to wait in for couriers.  

    • By ped
      I'm moving house on the 21st of December so if anyone would like this case they can have it FOC if collected from my village just above York. It has a Vigier sticker on it but I'm 99% sure it's a generic hardcase as the inside isn't fitted to any particular shape so it will suit a Jazz, Precision or most shapes I should think. It has a few scars and a bit of damage one end but nothing that compromises the protection. Latches all good and inside is clean.