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Henretta engineering orange whip?

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I contacted Kevin at Henretta who got back to me about the Orange Whip with the below:

Thanks for writing, Chris.
I know of plenty of bass players who use and love the Orange Whip, but it does depend on playing style and bass guitar.  The circuit was designed for passive guitar pickups, and it isn¹t great with super powerful active pickups.  It tends to lower the volume too much and sound a bit flat with those types of pickups.  Also, really heavy ³slapping-popping² style bass playing is a bit too much for this type of compression circuit.  The players who like it on bass tend to be playing passive pickups with a more rock style versus funk.  Hope this helps. You can refer to any demo video that shows bass through an Orange Squeezer inspired compression circuit and get a general idea of the sound.
I do like the look of this, I like simplicity and can wind myself up if I get too many knobs to twiddle....and relestate on my pedalboard is at a premium!!!
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