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King double bass:

Built In Cleveland, Ohio, USA circa 1931.

Restored, set up and maintained by Laurence Dixon, UK since 2004.

*Plywood/hardwood hybrid, violin shaped, round back 3/4 size.

*Maple neck (with original engraved machines) and beautiful  high grade ebony fingerboard, maple bridge (with metal adjusters) and ebony tailpiece with modern nylon over steel wire with length adjustment bolts. 

*’Ron Carter’ style ebony wood receiver endpin with various length (and woods) dowels. (New ones can be turned to any length required). This style of endpin encourages a natural/warm/woody sound.

*Fitted with both  Shadow SH950 dual and The Realist pickups for versatility in amplified tone.

*Strings are D’Addario hybrids.

*Black real leather bow quiver.

*Protected with black Roth & Juntus canvas gig bag with reinforced straps.

All work done by Laurence Dixon.

This professional instrument is ready to be taken out and  played without any work or extras needed. 

It has a beautiful sound and is the bass I recorded with on the first Paddington movie soundtrack and on the Kylie Minogue cover of ‘Let It Snow’ and in the West End shows Rent Remixed and The Hurly Burly Show (among other stuff).

Asking £5500 with all included  but can negotiate to remove any/all extras.

Fell free to contact me for viewing and trials. 

No time wasters please!




















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    • By sumorabbit
      Bassix folding upright bass in good working order, has a few battle scars and a rattle which don't affect playability. Sturdy and sounds good through an amp with the included pickup. More images of marks to follow when I pull it from storage at a relatives house, it just isn't getting used at the moment.
      Accepting £600
      Bass'd in Chorley Lancashire
      video here
      piccies ( more to follow soon)

    • By JadeT
      Hi there,
      I'm new to the world of bass and basschat so some friendly advice will be much appreciated!
      I want to get my boyfriend a double bass lesson to surprise him for his birthday. He's turning 45 and has been playing Jazz on the electric bass for 10 years now, he wanted to test out the double bass to see how it is, but he won't have a DB of his own to practise on. We live in SE London but I'm sure he wouldn't be too adverse to travelling a little. Is there any good tutors around that might have a spare double bass for their students that you guys might know?  
      Thanks! Jade
    • By bassmayhem
      I have a super nice Bulgarian upright bass, a custom built - but not for me - instrument with some strange dimensions.
      The scale is 4/4, but the body is 3/4, built with massive tone wood. It is nothing short than huge. I had to get a new car to be able to transport it smoothly.
      Anyway, the bass is huge, the tone is huge. The instrument is built 2012, so I wonder how the tone will be in a hundred years when it is this big and full now...
      I've used a David Gage Realist on the bass, but it didn't work well. A lot of ugly "mid artifacts" that demanded heavy filtering to sound decent amplified.
      I sold the Realist and bought a Realist LifeLine and an adjustable bridge. The bass loved the LifeLine; it was the opposition to the Copperhead...

      I've used the bass with a Fishman Platinum Pro EQ/DI, and with my BasSwitch preamp,  but when I got my little Quilter BassBlock 800 I could amplify
      the bass without preamp. Then I got a Vanderkley Spartan, and that one did NOT like the piezo pickup at all. The input impedance on the amp was a real mis-match to the LifeLine.
      Then my eye caught the little Redeemer Beltpack from Creation Audio Labs. It has an input impedance over 20 Mohms(!!!) making any pickup work well with any amp.
      I ordered one, and Lo and Behold! The tone is big and full. No gain problems. No need for eq-ing other than cutting some low bass. Best preamp I've ever used.
      So far the Beltpack isn't finally mounted on the tailpiece of the bass, I have to think a bit more before I get the proper design for the fastener. Anyway, the bass hasn't sounded petter amplified...
    • By originalfunkbrother
      Zeller double bass here. I dont play it as much as I need to so I cannot justify keeping it. I have only ever taken it out the house twice (once for set up at the Gallery) and a jazz gig. Other than, I used to play it once in a while at home but not anymore.
      It comes with a padded but robust case, new David Gage strings and a Realist pickup as well as a stand.
      I will prefer collection from SE London because of the size. 

    • By oldslapper
      Nice inexpensive double bass, laminate construction, ebony board I believe. Has a few scratches, but structurally sound. 
      Comes with cover & single paddle pickup. I was going to get the bridge lowered a bit, but never bothered in the end.
      I'm in Bath, but am happy to meet up around the general Bath/Bristol areas.