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Geo S

My first bass cover ( Vulfpeck - Dean Town )

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Hi! I am Geo and I've just made my first bass cover to Vulfpeck - Dean Town and I want to share it with you.:P:P



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      Friend of mine recently picked up the bass having toiled away for decades on that funny toy with the thin strings. I of course am steering him as he takes these first steps on the road to righteousness. Today he asked me a penetrating question and I mumbled something about Markbass and fingers but thought I'd ask if anyone here has anything more penetrating to say on the subject. He asked me "How does he get that sound?".
      The he in question is Joe Dart. The sound is that of a master technician at work and while I know we all have our own distinct sound as much to do with how we strike the strings as anything else, can I at least throw the guy a bone? Anyone know if Joe uses any effects? What strings he prefers etc. It was this video by the way.
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