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My First Production

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My name is Jacob, and I recently completed an MA in Audio Arts (studio recording and music industry) at Syracuse University in central New York.

I've only got a couple of years of DAW skills under my belt, but the equivalent to a thesis for my MA was to produce a full-length album of original music by year's end.


I was lucky to be contacted by Maria, the singer and songwriter of this album, in August 2016. Our original goal was just to cut some piano and vocal demos that sounded better than her self-made iPad & Garageband demos. Once we got into the studio, I realized that her voice deserved more than just a piano, and we pulled together a band. We tracked various parts throughout the fall and winter, and tried to maintain the livest feel possible even though we never got all the musicians together in the studio at the same time.

I did all of the recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. I played bass on every track (Dingwall Super P5 and ABZ6, into a Broughton P15 for a couple tracks, and the rest were straight into the school studio's real vintage Neve 1073's). I tracked the electric guitar on Fragile 22 and the acoustic on Sittin' Solo.

There are blemishes, but for a first go of full production from beginning to end, Maria and I are pleased with our results. I'm working on smaller projects here and there and hope to pick up more mixing/ editing/ mastering, and possibly recording work now that I'm settled in Belfast for a PhD in Ethnomusicology.

Please, give it a spin and comment here! If you don't do Spotify, just search Maria Bufalini wherever you get your music from.

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