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String identification

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Hi Chaps
Trying to identify a string
Long story short - I picked up a DB what, 18 months ago, haven't had much time to play due to change of jobs, two house moves and so on, now just getting into it properly
I took my bass over to a recommended luthier (recommended by two cellists and a violinist) - hes done a sterling job - new bridge, planed down a bump in the neck and just general set up. He also removed the D string as it was.... in a bad state and put one that was in the bag (which came as I got it!) on.

It sounds a hundred times brighter, louder and fuller than the other strings, so now obviously I want to get a full set.
I can't see any that match it in the bag. There are a couple of wrappers for superflex thomastik but the colours dont look like they match:

Description of string:

D: Black both ends
Ball ending is round with a hole in
It seems to be smoother (more "ground" if it was a groundwound bg string) than the rest (see attachment?)

There are some other strings in the bag with the same ball but no colour matching, and when I put one of those on, it didn't sound at all similar.

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