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**SOLD** Proel Double Bass Stand

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For Sale: [b]Proel Double Bass Stand[/b]
Location: Sevenoaks, Kent, South-East England, UK

-Good condition. Hardly used.
-Legs fold down for transportation
-All rubber on rib arms still intact. Not worn or perished.
-Height adjustable

[b]*[/b]The rubber feet that go on the two back legs are missing.

Simply looking to give this stand a new home as it is not used anymore.
Happy to post anywhere, providing cost is covered.

I've set that price value at £20, but please make me an offer :)



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Hi; this looks really good. Can I ask a question?

I have a stand but to use it I have to lower the end pin, which is annoying. Is that the case with this stand or can you rest the bass against it with the endpin extended?

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Hey Burns-bass,

I can confirm that you CAN rest the bass in the stand without having to retract or lower the endpin. The arms that come round the ribs of the bass are adjustable in height, so no matter how long you have your endpin extended when in the stand (within reason), the arms will cradle the ribs nicely.

One thing that is particularly good about this stand is the space-saving factor. I'd forgotten how well it saved space. Unlike something like the Hercules stand that positions the bass so it's leaning back quite significantly, this Proel stand positions the bass low to the ground, and relatively upright, only leaning back slightly, so the stand and bass can fit quite tightly into a corner or up against a wall.

Let me know if you'd like to take the stand off my hands, Burns, & give it a new home :)

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