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Interview with John Entwistle

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I suppose it must be true.
Why were you going through all those different basses?
I was trying to find something I could play. I felt comfortable with the Rickenbacker, but the neck warped, and it started sounding very strange, so I changed to a [Fender] Jazz Bass. The first [i]proper[/i] bass setup I ever used, I had a big cabinet with curtain material on the front, and we used to carry our own equipment then, hire a van to take us to the concert. Because we thought it was too heavy, we used hang the 18″ speaker on a nail every time we’d go to a concert, and when I played a bottom [i]E[/i], it would fall off the nail. So we’d have to stop halfway through the number and hang it back on the nail. The first time I could ever play my [i]E[/i] string was after I’d been playing bass for about three years. I’d never actually touched the [i]E[/i] string; I was just playing on the first three strings. And the first time I actually touched the [i]E[/i] string was when I got my first 4-12 cabinet, and I was using an Epiphone semi-acoustic bass.

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