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Dapper Bandit

Effects Purge; Source Audio, Boomerang, Markbass, Zoom

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Hello all,

Time for the occasional FX clearout, prices below include postage from Jersey in the Channel Islands. Any questions, just drop me a line! I am the original owner except where noted.

As far as trades are concerned, I would mainly be looking at the Tronographic Rusty Box, 3leaf You're Doom, a nice delay pedal or MIJ ESP stuff with cash adjustments where required.

Markbass Super Synth £150:

This is the original issue and comes with the 12V power supply, used maybe 5 times since they originally came out (!)


Source Audio MWBD Pro £100:

Still has some of the plastic protectors on it.

Source Audio BEF Pro £100: [i][b]SOLD[/b][/i]

Still has some of the plastic protectors on it.

Boomerang Phrase Sampler £100: SOLD

Bought this used a while back to dip my toe into looping. A great pedal that has only been usurped by the Boomerang III. Comes with a US wall wart which can either be replaced with a Whammy psu or just use an American adaptor plug.

Blackstar X-Distortion £55:

Used maybe 3 times as an emergency backup to the Boss HM-2 which is where my filth needs truly lie. Comes with OEM psu.

Zoom 607b £25: [i][b]SOLD[/b][/i]

Bought [i]many[/i] years ago after I heard 'Anaesthesia' and started a long love affair with little boxes that make my bass sound all strange.

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