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Owen Electronic Bass Bomb Driver, MXR M87 Bass Compressor, Xotic X-Blender

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My pedal affair is now over and I'm going back to basics, so I have these for sale:

[b]Owen Electronics Bass Bomb Driver - [/b]:doesn't need much explaining, its well known around these parts. One of the best overdrive/fuzz units out there, does every type of gnarly, face ripping overdrive/fuzz without any loss of low end, a true holy grail pedal. also acts as a power supply unit, running up to 800mA of load. this pedal didn't come with a box, but is supplied with a 12v power pack and a 5 way daisy chain [b] [u]£185[/u][/b]

[b]MXR M87 Bass Compressor : [/b]Another that doesn't need much explaining. A popular compressor, very transparent, easy to dial in and does its job required -[b][u] £85[/u][/b]

[u][b]Xotic Xblender [/b][/u][b] - [/b]A line selector/blend unit. This was one of the most important pedals on my board , blend in the effect line to your clean line to preserve your low end. the ability to do it on the fly with the large blend knob is a big bonus. Also has an invert/normal polarity switch and a preamp - [b][u]£120[/u][/b]

All prices are the posted price

Thanks for taking the time to read this thread, feel free to post and pm me if interested.


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Xblender is the only pedal still  not for sale.

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Bit of a dead-thread resurrection sorry, I decided against selling my Bass Bomb Driver in the past, but I've ultimately decided to put it back up  for sale . I  use  very few pedals nowadays and none that are tone altering, so this is surplus to requirement.

so here is a recap on the unit:

The Bass Bomb Driver is a VERY big and warm sounding pedal. In a nutshell it's like adding a nuclear reactor to your signal. It doesn't do the solid-state, digital grainy/edgy overdrive. Think of a classic Ampeg SVT with a 8x10 stack, the warm and driven tone with full gain for channel 1. Channel 2 is probably the most impressive for me as it can do both big Muff and Zvex Woolly Mammoth tones on steroids depending on where you have the tone knob.

Comes with a dedicated 12v power pack and daisy chain. Another neat function of the Bass Bomb Driver is the ability to supply power to other pedals with a power output. Up to 800mA.

They're now a discontinued product so its quite a rare pedal to see for sale.

here is a link to pics:


here is a sound sample of this pedal on channel 1 recorded with an old band of mine a few years back:

Originally bought for £245 still have receipt (see pictures) 

£150 posted .

***UK sale only***. Would be willing to thrash out a part-ex deal for Marusczczyk Elwood or Sandberg California 5-string basses. Have cash waiting.

Pm me with any questions.

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