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Kevin Dean

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I've had this for a few months now , I can't compare it to any other Ashdown head but I can compare it to a MB Little Rocker , MB 250 MO Mark & TC 250 Head . I've tried all of these heads with my Barefaced super 12T & Ashdown ABM Neo 2 x10 . The first thing that stands out When using the Ashdown head is the low end that I just can't get with any of the other heads , When using it with the BF cab I found I had to roll off a lot of the Low mid compared to the Neo 2 x10 . The MB & TC heads seem to give a very HI FI type sound that does sound good when playing solo but can get lost when playing with a band .
The Ashdown also seems to have a distinctive thud in mid range At first I wasn't sure if I liked it ? but loved it once playing with the band the sound really cuts through & adds an underlying bottom end even when doing driven sounds like on Stranglers covers . Using the foot switch I have control over the amps over drive ,EQ, compression & the Sub harmonic ...this saves me using any other pedals . The compression & Sub harmonic used together gives me the best sound I've ever been able to get when doing Peter Gabriels "sledge hammer" This EQ set up makes getting a sound you like very quick compared to some amps .
At 400 watts it's louder than the 500w Little Rocker & it certainly doesn't sound like a digital amp .
Build qaulity is very good , I like the light on the mute button . The only two things that confused me is that the pre shape is automaticly on & on the DI out if you want your EQ & Effect settings to go to the PA this button has to be pressed in, I've found this to be the other way round on other makes .
I wouldn't mind trying the 1000w version to see what it's like driving the Neo 2 x10 to it's max , Not that it's required .
To sum up this is the best gigging amp I have ever had Being a digital amp there is probably enough room to add a built in tunner & Chorus but then that would be asking too much .maybe :) .

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