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Replacing Speakers Hartke VX810

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I've looked through a tonne of other threads but can't find the answer I'm looking for. I've just picked up a Hartke VX810 from eBay, under the knowledge that two of the speakers are "damaged". I'm still waiting for the cab to be delivered so I haven't had a chance to look and see what's wrong, but am trying to line up replacement speakers ready. The rig would consist of a Hartke HA3500 running straight into the cab.

The Manual for the cab says that the speakers are 100 watt 8ohm Hartke Speakers, that I cannot find a replacement for online. Would any other 8ohm 100 watt speakers be good for replacement? I also have 4 75 watt 8ohm speakers from an old 4x10 that is no longer used. Could these be used as replacements or would the replacement speakers need to be rated at 100 watts? If I'm correct, should I be able to just replace the damaged speakers without interfering with the wiring?

Would the cab also be fine to use with the two damaged speakers whilst waiting for replacements (obviously depending on the sound)?

Thanks in advance! :)

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