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  1. [quote name='Ghost_Bass' timestamp='1457977330' post='3003589'] You can allways use the 410 on top of the 210 so you can have the head mountings available. Don't think it will change the sound. Also, the feet from the 410 will make it clear from the handles of the 210. [/quote] I did think of doing this, but with more power going into the 2x10, I wouldn't want to hear the 4x10 and crank it and end up blowing the 2x10. A Foot from the head sits snug into the handle on the 2x10, so it does feel secure, and I can't see there being any shows where an accident could happen anyway.
  2. Yeah, the issue is the 2x10 cab has handles either side, so the head doesn't sit on a flat surface or have the added security of the magnetic indents. I suppose you could run a 2x10 under the 4x10, but after a bit of research people weren't recommending running a 2x10 & 4x10 due to both speakers distributing the power differently, so I've put the 2x10 on top so I can make sure I'm not over powering it. Can't believe how good these things sound though, after playing a Hartke KILO for a few years and lugging around a flight case, being able to get a better tone from a tiny box is amazing.
  3. Picked up a Rumble 410 today, finally finishing off my rig. Fender Rumble 500 Head, Rumble 210 and Rumble 410. Can't wait to try it out at rehearsals! Saw a lot of people unhappy due to the mismatched cab sizes. Easy fix is to turn the 2x10 on its side, and unscrew and re position the Fender badge. Downside is that the head doesn't sit as nicely as I would like, but I can't see it moving and as I play with a wireless it shouldn't be an issue. Looking forward to being able to take a 2x10 to smaller shows/rehearsals, 4x10 on tour/medium shows and 6x10 at large shows. Beautiful looking rig, lightweight, and sounds killer.
  4. Hey guys! Now, I will say that I don't agree with this at all. How an up and coming UK festival believes getting unsigned bands to obtain 'likes' on a post is the right way to find them an unsigned band to fill a slot I don't know. Anyone else experienced this? If it's the only way to get my band a big festival slot this summer, I suppose I'll have to give it a try! If you follow this link through to the event page, down in the comments should be a comment from Chris Blake saying 'The Dropper's Neck To Play Takedown', can you just give that post a like? https://facebook.com/events/496163333834966?view=permalink&id=496183993832900&__user=643723433 Thanks to everyone who helps out, if we get the show I'll post how it goes!
  5. Hi, I've looked through a tonne of other threads but can't find the answer I'm looking for. I've just picked up a Hartke VX810 from eBay, under the knowledge that two of the speakers are "damaged". I'm still waiting for the cab to be delivered so I haven't had a chance to look and see what's wrong, but am trying to line up replacement speakers ready. The rig would consist of a Hartke HA3500 running straight into the cab. The Manual for the cab says that the speakers are 100 watt 8ohm Hartke Speakers, that I cannot find a replacement for online. Would any other 8ohm 100 watt speakers be good for replacement? I also have 4 75 watt 8ohm speakers from an old 4x10 that is no longer used. Could these be used as replacements or would the replacement speakers need to be rated at 100 watts? If I'm correct, should I be able to just replace the damaged speakers without interfering with the wiring? Would the cab also be fine to use with the two damaged speakers whilst waiting for replacements (obviously depending on the sound)? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thought I'd make a quick post about my bands Video. If you love a pretty looking Jazz Bass, take a look. Actually picked up the bass on the marketplace here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5EFDpKTDmc&feature=youtu.be Feel Free to check out our bandpage and keep up to date with anything we've got coming, including our Debut Album! https://www.facebook.com/thedroppersneck
  7. Hi, Looking to find a new home for my Dean Razor 4 String Active Neck Through. It's Been out of action about a year since I bought a new bass, and haven't found a use for it. It's a lovely Bass, Beautiful Finish, Really Thin Neck and no weight at all! 3-band EQ with two Jazz Style Pick-ups, 24 Fret, Gold Hardware, and a Rosewood Fretboard. Absolutely stunning bass, great for someone who wants a nice bass but can't deal with the weight! Looking for about £250 for a sale, or something along the lines of an Ibanez ATK or Epiphone Thunderbird for a trade, although I'm open to offers! Cheers, Jack
  8. Looked at one of these before I bought my Fenders, I have a Dean Razor Active NT, slimmest neck I've ever played, lovely sound, lovely finish, and an overall great bass. I've owned it 2 years but it's had a year out of action, It's got a few little knocks from general Gigging Wear, but set up it's a Lovely Bass. Would you be interested in a Trade? Send us an Email to [email protected], and I can send some pictures your way, hopefully it's what you're after! Cheers, Jack
  9. not sure exactly, but isn't far off a 5 string P bass
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