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N.West Evanescence Tribute! (Seeking DRUMMER?) Anyone Help?


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The ideal candidate will have the following:

- Ability to play or learn all the required Evanescence songs (see Setlist page on website) to a high standard
- Own equipment of a good standard
- Previous live band experience
- Between the ages of 21-35 and able to fulfill the Evanescence image
- Willing to commit to regular weekly rehearsals in the Runcorn / Warrington area and put in the time and effort to creating an top class tribute act
- Willing to play gigs nationwide
- Be motivated by the opportunity to play great music and great gigs rather than make money

The last point is very important. All gigs will be paid and established tribute bands can often command good fees. However, experience has shown that in the current climate it is increasingly hard to find venues willing to pay good money, especially for a new act. As a new tribute band in its first year, most venues will either offer 'door deals' (where the amount made depends on tickets sold/door money taken) or will pay a set fee between £300-£600. Bear in mind that this must cover travel costs and then be split between all band members. If your main motivation is to make money straight away then this isn't the right project for you. But if you are a fan of Evanescence's music and want the opportunity to play great live gigs to great crowds in great venues AND make some money then please apply.

Evanescente work with a promoter of some of the best tribute bands in Europe.



Contact us at [email protected] and ideally provide the following:

- Name, age, recent picture
- Brief bio with description of your previous band experience
- Link or attachment with an example of your musical work

We look forward to hearing from you!

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