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DiMarzio Ultra Jazz

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I had these put in my Squier bass to replace the stock pickups. (I wrote a bit about this elsewhere, but thought some readers might look here.) The DiMarzios are very strong; the midrange and upper registers are solid and warm, the bottom is big; what I got was a whole new sound for my bass. I don't have tons of experience with lots of basses, as many BCers do, but I would say the tone of these is quite contemporary; but I am also running through a Hartke 2500, which tends to be hard and punchy in tone. I have roundwounds on the bass; flats would no doubt give a fatter tone.

Another benefit is that I am playing with less volume (in a trio of violin, keyboard, and bass, all amped) because the presence of the bass is that much enhanced.

I paid $95 for these ($160 list). Great value. Modding the Squier with these and with a Gotoh bridge have made a huge difference, bringing my total investment up to a mere $415. Couldn't be better.

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