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DHA VT2 Dual Custom RM

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Finally got a chance to use my new toy at rehearsal last night, so a quick review is in order...

I run this as my main tone shaping section straight into the effects return of my Little Mark 2. I run this into a GK Neo 1x12 and a GK Neo 2x12. Last night I was using my US Jazz bass strung with Elixers.

The tone I was going for was a gritty, grindy punk tone, raging SVT style, and although I must admit I've never used an SVT, this rack does deliver lots of grit and grind. Playing with a pick, with the treble cut slightly and mid and bass boosted using the active EQ on the rack, I had pretty much the perfect pick tone. Nice valve saturation, harmonically rich, but not fuzzy or wooly. The EQ does the job well, its not super powerful but certainly does all I need it to. I tended to keep the fat and bright switches turned on, as I like a bit of top end bite, and who doesn't like fatness in their tone?

Playing parts that sounded a bit lifeless and sterile with a pick with the LM2 came alive when I used the DHA. I did find in a few songs I needed a toned down cleaner tone though, and I ended up having to bypass the unit for the reasons stated below.

Once I'd found the tone I wanted I pretty much left it like that. The inherant tone of the unit seemed to compliment my Jazz very well. My only concern is that I had the gain no higher than a quarter all rehearsal, but it was providing overdrive at this point. I may look into some lower gain valves as I would like a bit of headroom before it breaks up - as it stands the tone is great but its not possible to get a totally clean tone (unless I use the handy bypass switch).

In all, a great sounding overdrive and a useful EQ. If you like grindy rock/punk bass sounds, its ideal, and sounds great.

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