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  1. Sound advice Dan. Back from having a couple of capacitors replaced and now back to its old self thanks to a Charlie Chandler. I'll put the money for a Markbass back in the piggy bank.
  2. I just tried your suggestion with an overdrive peddle and got good sound . Loud enough to fill a small bedroom but probably 10% of what would get if I maxed the volume and gain on the amp. So now I am back to scratching my head. I'm tempted to buy a new set of valves but at £50 don't want waste money if the problem is elsewhere. If the problem is with the valves would that not stop me getting a strong signal from the DI output? Mind you that signal has always been super hot on this amp.
  3. Thanks for taking an interest. Do mean put my guitar into my compressor peddle for example and then put the output from that into the fx return? Is that safe thing to do?
  4. Thanks guys. I now know what my effects loop is for after all these years!. Sadly it didn't make it any louder unless I boosted the line output on my effects pedal. I will strip it down a bit more and look at the input jack closely and then have a chat with my local amp repair outfit but already I am getting the feeling it's time to start looking at something new.
  5. My ten year old Orange Terror Bass 500 just died on me and am wondering if it is now not viable to get it repaired given its age and value. Its been faultless apart from going back to Orange for a warrenty repair to something that went pop after two years. Mid way through a jam yesterday I lost a dramatic amount of volume which came back a bit by cranking the volume and gain way beyond what it ever goes even for loud gigs. Today I've gone through a check of swapping guitars, all cables etc. I put in an old set of valves and had the cover off to see if a fuse had gone inside etc but all looks normal. The jewel light, switch and fan are all working normally. I am still getting a small amount of volume but only after it's been switched on for a few minutes. I've run the XLR output into a mixing desk and am getting a good signal. Before I go down the road of seeking a repair or buy a new amp can anyone give me advice of anything I can check myself with a multi meter etc as I really hate spending money if I can help it. Thanks for any advice. Regards, Chris
  6. Just stumbled on this topic after years of thinking 'it's my hearing that's going' or it's a 'weak G' or 'my amp is playing up' because the G comes and goes. It turns out that I've been backing off the mid's too much on the Stingray all along. Switching between P bass and Stingray doesn't help and of course twiddling with all the knobs on the amp and guitars without remembering where I like them. I think I will put a couple of stickers on the amp once I've worked out where the sweet spots are for my basses. Thanks everyone.
  7. The battery holder for my old Ernie Ball Stingray (2000 model) has always been problematic and I want to replace it finally. Does anyone know of a replacement that fits and matches up with the screw holes on the existing unit please? regards, Bassyerbouti
  8. Thanks for all your suggestions. I did find something called OhmStudio that seemed to be worth a go but after loading it all up and hitting a couple of problems got the impression that it was a dead product. I'll have a look at Kompoz and report back
  9. It's a couple of years since I looked and then gave up but I wondered if software had moved on and people are able to successfully jam over the internet using something or other. Trying to get our band together in the same room is like trying to herd cats but as the most tech savvie and with time and various interfaces, di, mixers etc I thought I'd have another look at trying to rehearse/practice remotely. We are not bothered about seeing each other but would ideally sit at home with our instruments and a set of headphones on and be able to play and hear each other. we all have macs except one who has PC and seemingly connected to high speed internet connections. is anyone else doing this please and can give me a steer? regards, Chris
  10. Got enough problems trying to play a four string Precision !
  11. Saw Leland Sklar play with The Immediate Family last week. Very cool and great bass player. I spent half the gig trying to get my head around how he plays a bass with frets and strings that don't line up.
  12. Thanks for all the advice. I guess my dreams of making a killing have evaporated.
  13. I am going to New York in a couple of weeks, unexpectedly and have always wondered what the rules are about buying a new or second hand bass over there, taking the neck off and putting it in my suitcase. Are there any taxes to be paid, either side that would make in an unattractive proposition? Can I buy my dream Sadowsky or something a little more vintage a lot below what I would expect to pay in the UK? thanks for any guidance Bassyerbouti
  14. I am thinking of buying an Orange Crush bass amp (prob the 50) to cart around to my mates houses to practice rather than lug my full rig about. We are trying a little side project without a drummer and I am wondering how this amp sounds if we play drum tracks through it using the AUX input and I play bass at same time? NB. Does the AUX input jack match what most drum machines will have as an output? Presumably I can take a feed out of my DI box and use this amp for on stage monitoring too ? You can see I am trying to kill a couple of birds with one stone here. Thanks for any advice. Chris
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