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    Swindon, Wilts
  1. A few years ago I visited Dawson's Music in Reading and tried a bunch of (at the time) newly released Jaguar basses by Squier. I tried one with a P/J configuration, a short scale, a Troy Sanders sig and one with a single humbucker. Which I thought played really well and was a nicely priced bass. Squier have since discontinued this certain model and they hardly ever appear on here or e-bay for sale so where have they all gone? Did they sell in such small numbers that no-one owns them or are the owners so happy with these basses that they're keeping hold of them?? I saw one on Gumtree before Christmas that had lost an argument with a belt sander, but these things are rare but I thought they were nice basses. Any owners out there??
  2. Currently; Charles Mingus - Blues and Roots Ray LaMontagne - Trouble Bob Marley - Survival
  3. New Years Eve Fees

    That's a good idea, we've played there in the past a few times and I reckon we'll get gigs for next year but it's not a bad angle. I would suggest they throw in drinks but that's bad news for the car drivers among us.
  4. New Years Eve Fees

    Been offered a New Years Eve gig in a (busy) village pub and they've offered to pay the 'typical Saturday night gig' fee. I think/know that NYE gigs pay more so what would be a good figure to throw back for a good old fashioned negotiation? Double the usual fee??
  5. Harley Benton/Palatino Bridge Dimensions

    Thats not a bad idea, certainly quicker than a complete change. Nice suggestion, thanks.
  6. Harley Benton/Palatino Bridge Dimensions

    It's more to copy/draw around it if I can't get measurements. I figure if I can't get a like-for-like my best bet is to simply copy it and the best way is to, basically, draw around it.
  7. Hello all, I'm looking for a replacement bridge for my Harley Benton eub but aside from an e-bay listing and a German website advertising a product as a straight replacement I can't find one anywhere so I thought I might get one of similar (larger) size and get the whittling tools out of Grandpa's shed and make my own. So what I'm looking for is a short cut to the dimensions of the stock bridge to save me having to remove strings and start measuring. So, does anybody have the dimensions for the stock bridge?
  8. Free recording / mixing / mastering

    Roman was kind (and patient) enough to have a look at one of my bands tracks and spent some time looking at levels and boosting certain parts, to the point where a noticeable difference was acheived. I would definitely recommend him to others and when the time comes, I'll be searching out his skills again.
  9. What is this bass player playing??

    You just know that somewhere there is a guitarist nodding his head and saying "now THATS how you play bass!"... Actually, knowing guitarists like I do they're probably saying "puh, he's not as good as me..."
  10. Whats the longest you've had a bass for?

    10 years this November. Squier VM Jazz, different bridge and pickups but the rest is stock, been my bass 98% of the time.
  11. Liability Insurance

    Hi, my band need to get some 'Public Liability Insurance' for a few gigs we've got coming up later in the year but I've no idea where to start looking for anything suitable. Google directs me to the typical 'comparison' sites but they seem more directed at businesses and not bands so does anyone know of a site or company I could look at??
  12. Seperating up a large WAV file

  13. Seperating up a large WAV file

    COOL! Thank you sir, I'll give it a go.
  14. Seperating up a large WAV file

    Having heard the full file again the sound levels are consistant, but I'll look at 'normalising' it before I split them. Had a quick go at splitting them and it's not jumping out at me how to do it but hopefully I'll get time over the weekend to look at it more.