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  1. I like it. Horses for courses eh?
  2. I bought a pair of Wilkinson's and put them into my Squier Jazz replacing the 'Duncan Designed' pickups after having the Jaco-type fretless jazz for a few years. They're a nice inexpensive choice, very balanced and round and with the tone knob up they punch through with a nice punk tone.
  3. That's fantastic!! I've just 'acquired' some 10mm piping so I'll have a go at this over the weekend. Thank you.
  4. Thanks Mangotango and Staggering On, I think I'm going to have to raid the local Wickes store for some copper piping and start bending things around, at least as a first step, I like the depth of the Aria solution, having something a little thicker than 20mm would be nice... I'll keep this post updated once I've started looking into it.
  5. So I've got a Harley Benton EUB, have owned it for a few years but it never came with the spacer arm bar/rest thingy which wasn't really a problem before but I'm now gigging with it more and more and on some songs the bass has a tendency to spin which I have to correct with pushing my knee against it's back. Not ideal. So what I'm after is some assistance in making a replacement, happy to get some metal tubing and bend to the correct shape but having a starting place would be handy so does anybody have any sort of dimensions for the bar? Attached are some pics from Google images of the bass with and without the bar...
  6. It's ok ladies and gents, I've been pointed in the correct direction...
  7. I need to convert our existing sound files to Lossless so I can upload the tracks onto Bandcamp... How? There are a bunch of software programmes on offer but does anyone have experience in doing this so I can save myself some time?
  8. UPDATE The cd's are sat in a post office somewhere awaiting re-delivery (apparently it's due out today). I was told they would be delivered Tuesday just gone, but no, we've missed four gigs where we could have sold some cd's, we had three or four people asking at every gig if they could buy one, so we've missed out on sales (the original date we agreed on was 21st June). The cd's are duplicated in Scotland and the printing is done in Poland, how that works, I don't know. Needless to say I won't be recommending them to anybody.
  9. The cd's arrived on Wednesday and the cover was the only bit printed in the correct place!!!! To their credit the company have offered to reprint the cases for nowt and sent me a template to ensure it didn't happen again but I sent them the artwork clearly marked at 'cover', 'page2', 'page3' and 'rearcover'. It seems my request - which they declined - for a proof prior to printing should have been heeded. I won't be using them again, a comedy of errors I think but I could do without the added annoyance.
  10. It's a company called 'Short-Run'.
  11. CMYK? I saved it as a jpeg and sent it via email to them, they replied pretty quick with a message saying it was fine. It's not a crucial design but one I struggled to describe so I think as long as they saw a 'sketch' it was enough to go on.
  12. The actual disk. I phoned them yesterday and explained my predicament and they directed me to a template to use, it was a bit of a faff but I got it done - and, in the process, have learnt a new skill.
  13. Morning all, my band have recorded an EP, decided on the artwork and have gotten quotes to get the darn thing duplicated BUT the stumbling block is the actual disk and how to get our design onto it so the printers can just print and print and print... So what I need is a template of some kind that I can just add the design to (it's currently an image), ideally something I can overlay the image to. The duplicators send short emails like "that's too big, we can't print that" without offering any sort of assistance so it's left down to me to try and sort it. Any help??
  14. Bowie and George Michael. Possibly because both seemed so out of the blue.
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