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  1. I'll have to have a look. I think some time fiddling with the settings would be a good start and then looking at HPF's.
  2. Morning all, the pickup I use is a Realist Copperhead. The note that booms the most is B on the A string, I watched an organist play in the same venue and his bass pedals boomed at the same note, I'm wondering if some of the issue is the room, maybe the hard surfaces resonate... I think I'll look at HPF's but I was wondering if the amp is just too much for the size of room because I use a practice amp at practice, a 30W guitar amp with a 8" speaker and there is no problem.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for a little advice with my amp setup. I have a Mark Bass combo amp, it's a single 12" speaker, which was lovely for my old Squier Jazz bass when I played rock stuff, but now I play a double bass and the amp seems a bit too much for the task. I have the volume set to around 2 on the dial and even then the bass is boomy on certain notes which disrupts the overall balance of sound that my jazz band produces. I've tried turning down the bass and upping the mid and treble but it's still booming and I wonder if I would be better off using a smaller speaker size, say a 8"...? Does anyone have any advice? I've tried sitting the amp higher, on a stool or stand, and I keep the amp away from the cavity of the double bass so I don't get echo/reverb. I use a pickup that sits beneath the bass bridge. I get no feedback from it.
  4. Call me superstitious but does anybody else feel that if you have a great final practice, the gig seems to turn out below par? I HATE practicing for a gig the day before, I find it over-saturates slightly - I prefer to turn up to a gig feeling somewhat under-rehearsed so I concentrate more and any solos are a precise response to the mood/vibe of the gig. I had practice last night for a gig this evening and it went really, really well. So now I'm expecting to play a shocker later...
  5. On the site it says its a 32" medium scale. Would prefer a long scale but I like the design, good to see Squier at least trying to do something a little different.
  6. Just had this little beauty pop up on my screen... I likes! Squier Jaguar H in ORANGE!! Oh yes... Christmas list has started,
  7. Hi, thank you, I used pencil lead on the bridge grooves, not sure if it worked/helped but if it doesn't hinder, I do it. I did think about an adjustable bridge because it gives me a few options and a margin of error if things go wrong but I opted for a set bridge. The strings are Thomosik light gauges and I like them. I'll be gigging it in a few weeks... (gulp)
  8. And it's on! New bridge in place - I need to shape the top of the bridge - and Copperhead pickup fitted. I've moved the A closer to the E by 2mm, personal choice after the previous bridge seemed a little too spaced. Chuffed.
  9. Now to trim down the bridge... I traced over the shape of the arc from the bridge I'm replacing but I've added an extra 3mm or so to give me a little safety when trimming. I'll be fitting this - along with the new pickup today/tomorrow - and then it's the slow job of adjusting the string height to what I want before removing it again to slim down the width of the bridge to (I've been told 6mm) for the strings to sit nicely.
  10. Selling this J-Tone dual double bass pickup, I've recently bought a Realist pickup instead so no longer need this. It's never been used, comes in it's original bag with all bits included. Bought this because it seemed a simple option but opted for the Realist instead. The bag has been opened but it's never been fitted or used. £35.00 including P&P to anywhere in mainland UK
  11. No, this is a Thomann bass, about five years old. I wouldn't trust myself with something worth thousands. Then again, I probably will never own a double bass worth thousands.
  12. I'm fitting a Realist Copperhead (bought from this site from @BartleyDaviesBass) at the same time so I knew I needed to adjust the contour of the foot to allow for this addition, so I added a spacer the same width as the Copperhead and repeated the back and forwards motion until I had shavings the full length of the foot. You can see the black ink lines of where the bridge should be positioned and the blue pencil lines that gave me a guide for the position. There is only a small area where I can smoothen the feet but the sandpaper was good and with a regular visit from the vacuum cleaner, it went better than I had hoped. Obviously there is still work to do, but overall I'm chuffed with how it has turned out, the feet sit nice and flat with no spacings. The next step is to work on the top of the bridge...
  13. Ok... Step Two; shaping the new bridge. I'm going with the old 'sandpaper on the soundboard' method. I found the masking tape I have doesn't stick well to the sandpaper, but with some fiddling around and securing the top and bottom with extra tape, it holds in place with only minor running repairs needed. Then it was a case of running the bridge back and forwards whilst trying to keep the bridge upright.
  14. I thought about raising the string but I didn't know if the groove in the bridge would support such a lift.
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