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  1. Free recording / mixing / mastering

    Roman was kind (and patient) enough to have a look at one of my bands tracks and spent some time looking at levels and boosting certain parts, to the point where a noticeable difference was acheived. I would definitely recommend him to others and when the time comes, I'll be searching out his skills again.
  2. What is this bass player playing??

    You just know that somewhere there is a guitarist nodding his head and saying "now THATS how you play bass!"... Actually, knowing guitarists like I do they're probably saying "puh, he's not as good as me..."
  3. Whats the longest you've had a bass for?

    10 years this November. Squier VM Jazz, different bridge and pickups but the rest is stock, been my bass 98% of the time.
  4. Liability Insurance

    Hi, my band need to get some 'Public Liability Insurance' for a few gigs we've got coming up later in the year but I've no idea where to start looking for anything suitable. Google directs me to the typical 'comparison' sites but they seem more directed at businesses and not bands so does anyone know of a site or company I could look at??
  5. Seperating up a large WAV file

  6. Seperating up a large WAV file

    COOL! Thank you sir, I'll give it a go.
  7. Seperating up a large WAV file

    Having heard the full file again the sound levels are consistant, but I'll look at 'normalising' it before I split them. Had a quick go at splitting them and it's not jumping out at me how to do it but hopefully I'll get time over the weekend to look at it more.
  8. Seperating up a large WAV file

    [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1502210399' post='3350026'] Is it a multitrack wav? [/quote] I don't think so, I think it's just one big chunk of data. I'll give Audacity a download and look into it further. Thank you for the advice
  9. Seperating up a large WAV file

    my band played a support slot a few weeks ago and the sound man recorded the whole set onto a memory stick in a 43min WAV file. I would like to cut down the file into the individual songs but have no way of doing this. Is there a piece of software I can download or is there something easy on Windows Media Player or similar that I just haven't worked out yet? All help... um, helpful. Dazza
  10. Pub 'reluctant' to pay

    [quote name='The59Sound' timestamp='1501847043' post='3347741'] Name & shame otherwise a pointless thread. [/quote] I don't want to name and shame a pub who is now being run by, hopefully, a better landlord. The pub has a bad reputation as it is without me adding to it.
  11. Pub 'reluctant' to pay

    Had a gig last night at a pub we've played a few times in the past but is now under new management (the gig was booked through the previous landlady but management informed us they would honour the bookings) and when we'd finished our playing I, and our singer, approached the bar staff and asked to see the manageress about being paid and it went downhill from there. We were left standing for about five minutes before I reminded the barman what we were waiting for, he told us to go to the other end of the bar where the manageress was standing, so off we trotted. She asked us "who was it that booked you?" (knowing full well it was the previous landlady) Then "well the booking wasn't made through me... I don't really know much about it..." - more head scratching and delaying. We played along, showed sympathy, but in our minds thinking 'just f***ing pay us'! She then told us our booking wasn't in the diary, as she did this she thumbed through said diary only to land on last nights date and there we were, in black and white, listed as entertainment. So back to the 'I didn't book you' line of denial. I then said that we had been booked last December, had contacted the pub three weeks earlier, had delivered posters, had contacted the pub to discuss fee - I always do this via text or email to have a record for this eventuality - and if she was unsure who had booked us or who was paying for us why had she not asked us when we arrived three hours earlier? At this her partner/boyfriend/husband came up (a big fella standing a good 6ft 5" and probably 19st in weight) and asked her when the lady who booked us was coming in. By this point I was ready to pick up a bar stool and introduce it to the optics and glasses in the bar, and if the police came, so be it. So more head scratching, heavy sighing by our singer, dirty looks between me and the boyfriend, and then suddenly she resolved that she was going to pay the fee. The whole conversation took 30mins from the moment we approached the bar. I've since learnt that last night's manageress (and her co-manageress) left last night, it was their last night before a new landlord takes over today. I wonder if our fee was her intended 'goldne handshake'...? Needless to say we won't be playing there again, unless we get the fee upfront.
  12. Roger Waters' new record...

    I saw him a couple of years ago in London where he played a bunch of Pink Floyd songs and then - after an interval - played the entire 'Dark Side Of The Moon'. It was impressive and he sounded very good.
  13. Good luck with this sale, I've had two of these basses in the past, just lovely basses...
  14. hi from wiltshire

    Welcome from ANOTHER Moonraker!
  15. DB and EUB porn/live pictures thread :-)

    [quote name='stingrayPete1977' timestamp='1487110613' post='3237274'] Come on dazza, where's ya hat?! [/quote] On this occasion it was stuffed under the tailpiece to stop the damn thing vibrating... Is it allowed to wear a hat indoors? I know we're bass players and all that but a hot head would distract me from playing the wrong notes!