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  1. Hi, not an easy decision ... but I need to invest in a new roof for my old house, so I have to sale some of my babies. This Status has one of the most beautifull top made by Rob, unique piece of Myrtle wood. No leds, 17.5mm. The bass is with me since 2012 (and during a short period with Mike) , and rarely used in concert, so the condition is nearly perfect I live in Belgium, I have the hard case Status, so I can send it everywhere on earth (cost of shipping for you). I would like to have 2800 EUR for it, no trade pls. So sexy ! no ? I have also an Alembic Rogue 5 and a MM Stingray Classic 5 on market, so I could cancel this sale at any time. Regards Luc
  2. For sale, an Alembic Rogue 5 strings from 98 as new, I'm the second owner of this beauty 4.9 Kgs / 19mm at bridge 3000 GBP / 3500 EUR + cost of shipping Kind Regards Luc
  3. Hi, for sale, my immaculate Gibson ES335 from Memphis, 2013, as new 1600 GBP / 1900 EUR + cost of shipping Kind Regards Luc
  4. Luc


    so so so I will call my wife to see if I could buy this beauty ...
  5. Luc


    an idea about the price of a new one ?
  6. Luc

    Fbass BNF5

    Sorry I haven't any info about the wood, I'm not the first owner
  7. no sorry, I have already a Stingray and a Bongo Txs for your proposal
  8. up, one of the most beautiful wood for a bass !
  9. price could be lower if you want
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