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  1. prog_fiend

    EBS microbass II - £130 ono

    Sold pending.
  2. prog_fiend

    EBS microbass II - £130 ono

    EBS microbass II - you know what it is, a ballsy versatile unit. No longer needed as my stick setup has altered. No box or instructions, but in very good condition. Pics when I get time (though it is what it is, a black brick of bass functionality ) £130 ono That's including P&P in the UK. No trades, thanks.
  3. prog_fiend

    SOLD Boss SYB-5

  4. prog_fiend

    The Stick Thread

    Gratuitous ego shot: Stick players unite! I think it's high time those of us who like to 'touchstyle' things up a bit had somewhere to discuss, pose and debate the unusual world of the touchstyle/tapping instrument, whether it be a Chapman Stick, Warr Guitar, Krappy (like mine), Mobius Megatar or whatever else... I hope all you adventurers in stick come out of the woodwork. What have you got? What do you play? Gear, effects, amps? Let's hear it! Myself, I have a 12 string Krappy touchstyle beast. Left handed like my bad self, and tuned in the classic inverted fifths tuning. It has a GK-3 pickup which I run through a GR-33. I play usually through an EBS microbass and use a select few effcts in an attempt to sound like Tony Levin. Reason being is my ongoing university project is a King Crimson tribute band... mental. Really keen to know what other stickists use in the preamp department, as it's something that is becoming an issue for me. (The SFX SP2 is high on my list, but I'm looking around for any and all solutions.) Now, back to ConstruKction of Light...
  5. prog_fiend

    SOLD Boss SYB-5

    Well, it is half retail price, and in near mint condition
  6. prog_fiend

    SOLD Boss SYB-5

    Xmasbump! Please buy me!
  7. prog_fiend

    SOLD Boss SYB-5

    Still up for grabs.
  8. prog_fiend

    SOLD Boss SYB-5

    SQuaRe WaVe BuMP
  9. prog_fiend

    SOLD Boss SYB-5

    No one want it? Don't make me ebay it, I'll cry.
  10. prog_fiend

    SOLD Boss SYB-5

    things that go BUMP in the night? Willing to accept offers.
  11. prog_fiend

    SOLD Boss SYB-5

    [quote name='Ou7shined' post='1313296' date='Jul 22 2011, 09:45 PM']Hello old friend - this is my old SYB-5. Have a wee bump on me Alex.[/quote] And it has served me well! This baby helped me get a distinction for the second year of my degree... the 1st is in sight!
  12. prog_fiend

    SOLD Boss SYB-5

  13. prog_fiend

    SOLD Boss SYB-5

    Boss SYB-5 for sale, [s]£80[/s] £70 posted ( a little more for overseas) In very good condition with box & manual, no longer needed as I've entered the amazing world of MIDI
  14. prog_fiend

    ME-50b Slow Gear effect

    I use the Benringer SM200 (as well as the PH9) with my touchstlye 12-string beast. Does a very very good impression of 'Satori In Tangier'.
  15. prog_fiend

    Drum N Bass/Dubstep

    Damn that looks the business! Can't find it anywhere - has it been released yet?