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  1. 2019 Status VMAN prototype, no.3 , Bought new from Rob Green at Status, receipt available. This is a prototype built for Alex Venturella of Slipknot (see picture of Alex sporting it) Perfectly finished , no functional or aesthetic defects I am letting it go to finance an other purchase, no trades please Specs: 4 strings headed Alder Body, Graphite Neck Green LED Status soapbar pickups and 3 band Status EQ Finished with Indigo Chameleon Textured Satin Finish (changing colour depending on light) Straplocks Custom lightweight hybrid Gigbag plus Warwick rock bass Gigbag included Fully fitted flight-case available at extra cost Logistics and Price: The bass is Singapore, but worldwide fully insured shipping is available 2500 GBP, paypal or bank transfer accepted
  2. [quote name='Ghost_Bass' post='988226' date='Oct 14 2010, 06:47 PM']Alex, could you make a quick comparison between the Big Baby and the Midget T? Wich one would be "better" used on it's own with a common amp/bass setup and in what kind of sound/style/freq. range/(... can't realy explain better) would each be more suitable? Sorry for the off-topic, i won't extend this much![/quote] You're welcome and actually gives me the chance to ask also for a comparison... how a Big Baby T + Baby Sub compare with a Compact + Midget T ?
  3. [quote name='alexclaber' post='986610' date='Oct 13 2010, 10:01 AM']Excellent! A Big Baby T plus Baby Sub seems the answer. Use just the Big Baby T for your smaller gigs, add the Baby Sub when you need more output. I think with some focus on how you play, use your onboard controls, and amp gain/EQ, you could probably do without the DB750 but you'll never exactly replicate the feel of that very fat valvey squishy preamp with the Markbass - just depends on how much that matters to you! Best regards, Alex[/quote] wowo.... learning on your web about the Baby+Sub... that looks like killer combination!
  4. Ok Alex, you're challenging me, meaning that I wouldn't have thought that a single cab could be so flexible to cover all sounds that you got in your clips.... and don't worry about my English, I'm pretty comfortable with it, what I meant is that you get two bassists (even if they went to same school since they were kids) speaking with same words about a sound and meaning often different things In my case I would say: Part 1 - clips of desired sounds yes, sometime I surprise myself to use a lot of effects in one of the bands I'm in... I don't think that a single cab/setup can do all this.... but I would love to be proven wrong... Part 2 - basses and strings In my case easy, Status S2 classic, Status Stainless strings Part 3 - amps and current cabs Currently Markbass Tube 800 and Aguilar DB750 but I might want to change one of the two.... As far as cabs go, main cab is a Bergantino HS410, smaller gigs are played wiht a pair of Mesa Boogie that I want to change (I don't like the... lack of clarity is the word?) Part 4 - typical gigs and how the current amps/cabs perform at them The typical gig is a mid-small pub gig where I use the Mesa with the Markbass... I tend to always have a mud sound to my ear no matter how I play with mids/lows. The unfortunately less common gig is a mid size (250-400 people) gig with the Aguilar and the Bergantino. Much more satisfied yet I would love to feel more lows (therefore the 1x15 thought) and less pain on my back (e.g. a less heavy setup) Part 5 - practicalities I have a normal 4 doors car, no much space apart from the back seat. I wouldn't mind get a powerful yet light amp and a set of cabs to go with it with less weight...
  5. [quote name='Mr. Foxen' post='984499' date='Oct 11 2010, 04:14 PM']The Big One is for transparent, uncoloured sound, but I'm fairly sure you don't actually mean a transparent, uncoloured sound. Easy way to check if your rig is transparent and uncoloured is you hook up a music player into it, and see if it sounds right.[/quote] My current rig colours signficiantly the sound, that's what I'm trying to change. I don't believe that 4x10+1x10 per se make a different regarding colouring or not, it's more down to the "tuning" of the cabs to my ear. A combination that I've seen and like is a EBS neo 410+115 driven by a clean set EBS head. I also liked the Accougroove (El Whappo?) when I could assist to a concert that featured it (e.g. see Todd Johnson)
  6. [quote name='alexclaber' post='984236' date='Oct 11 2010, 12:30 PM']Sorry if that sounded a bit grumpy, I have the most annoying manflu (i.e. a proper cold but definitely not real flu!) at the moment - I'm not very good at being ill, I get irritable![/quote] It's ok Alex, truth is that words are indeed meanigless as far as describing sound at least for me. I don't have one sound in my mind, and more often than not I find me liking several players indipendently of what they use! So, my inclination towards a 4x10+1x15 solution comes from perceiving that config as an "all terrain" flexible option. I'd like to have a fairly transaparent non coloured sound. At the moment I have a Mark Tube 800 and Aguilar DB750 which are probably not the perfect example of non colouring heads I know it's not much and I'm happy if you think it's not enough data to make a recco. Get better soon! P.
  7. Thanks Alex, indeed it's probably different for different players. The reason I'd like to go the 4x10+1x15 route is because I "feel" it has all the pitch/definition of the typical 10" (I know you don't like the word "typical" associated to speaker size) that is close to your ears (e.g. when sitting on top of the 1x15) and it still gives me a "feeling" of full bottom end (the 1x15) I use it for modern synth rock with some slapping. I'd drive it with either a Markbass Tube 800 (800w at 4 Ohm) or an Aguilar DB750 (750 at 4Ohm, it can go down to 2). The reason I don't do it is because first I want something more portable if it exist, second I'm learning a lot about problem with different speaker sizes, so it might not be the right route. What could be a good combination? Maybe the suggested Compact+Midget T? Would they work well even if different speaker size? Maybe an other combination , maybe a Big One? tx in advance, Paolo
  8. I know that it would depend on brand/models and I know that many in the forum will say that 4x10 + 1x15 is not a reccomendable setup, but if you had to offer a barefaced replacement setup to somebody fond of the 4x10+1x15 combination... .what would you suggest?
  9. I like it! I take it's with the PJ bass in your avatar? nice playing , nice tone!
  10. All, I don't post often here, but I want to just to make sure you got the penciled in your diaries if you happen to be around. Great exhibition of gear, and especially great line up of artists playing during the day on December 12th. :hyper: For more info, click [url="http://www.todobajos.com/2_Noticias/BAssday/bassday09.html"]here[/url] Yesterday I was at Marcus Miller concert Tutu Revisited... great!
  11. [quote name='Shockwave' post='640809' date='Oct 30 2009, 11:08 AM']There was a vintage nearly ready anyway i think, Just needed the Tweeter installed and its various circuitry and the grill cover made.[/quote] Let us know your impressions as you get it!
  12. Anybody tested Vintage with Tweeter yet?
  13. [quote name='Merton' post='635860' date='Oct 25 2009, 08:01 AM']From Alex's previous post I'd say it's a choice of either on or off, though I beleive the Big OneT has a three way switch - off-lo-hi? [/quote] Indeed, at least it can be turned off....
  14. [quote name='MythSte' post='635662' date='Oct 24 2009, 10:03 PM']Where abouts are you?[/quote] Yep...none in Madrid... I might be the first though. We'll see. I don't love buying before trying, I know I could test it for a couple of weeks and return it, but shipping cost will be significant. I'll think about it.
  15. [quote name='alexclaber' post='635234' date='Oct 24 2009, 12:32 PM']Shockwave is getting the first T'Vintage, so a 2x15" with an additional tweeter. With it off the exact same tone as the Vintage, with it on lots of tweetery brightness and sheen. Am happy to do any of the cabs (bar possibly a cloth grill T'Midget) with a metal or cloth grill now - have found a neat manufacturing solution for it! Alex[/quote] Thanks Alex! Can the tweeter be adjusted (e.g. different setting) and is it defeatable? [quote name='thestick' post='635296' date='Oct 24 2009, 02:10 PM']I have a vintage, I dont have a problem with top end it cuts through in fact sometimes at some gigs[/quote] Does it give you the highs you need for instance for slapping? I don't slap that much, but I would not like to be limited my the cab if I want to.
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